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How to Watch Movies and Cartoon Shows Online Without Ads

TechnologyHow to Watch Movies and Cartoon Shows Online Without Ads

Watching movies and cartoon shows online is without any doubt so much more fun than watching these things on traditional TVs. But there is a catch. Every free online streaming site contains a large number of ads and pop-ups which can affect your streaming experience badly.

These ads interrupt the streaming and break your concentration which is not fun at all. There are many ways that you can use to get rid of these annoying advertisements. The most popular ones are by using AdBlock software or by subscribing to legal, paid websites.

Let’s discuss both these solutions in detail to get a clearer perspective on how to avoid ads while streaming content Online

Using an Adblocker:

As the name suggests these tools work best for blocking out all ads that you might face on a streaming platform. Mainly, these software work in one of two ways. They either block out the servers that send you ads from different products or they simply block those parts of a site that usually contain more ads.

There are a huge number of AdBlock software available online for free which you can use to eliminate this issue. Some of these are

  1. Adblock Plus

This adblocker is available for free. More than 500 million people have tried this tool and seem satisfied with it. It blocks videos, banners, popups, and backlinks very well. You can also make changes to permit certain sites to show ads while the ones you think are unnecessary, you can block out. 

It works on several browsers including chrome; Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. It also permits you to create custom filters and additional block lists which is pretty cool.

  • AdLock

This is another cool software that mainly works on chrome and safari. But you can also purchase this app for a very reasonable price of about 40$ a year for windows. This way you can use it to block ads from any source with purchase, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee which shows how much the developers are committed to this app.

  • uBlock Origin

This tool works to keep ads away as well as to protect the device from viruses and malware. It is free software that can work best even on little RAM and storage space due to its very small size.

There are plenty of filters and customizable whitelists (i.e., allowing ads from certain sources) which makes this application highly desirable.

This is another way to get rid of the ads altogether. With these sites, you get additional benefits such as great video quality, better UI, more options for shows to watch, and much more. Let’s take a look at some of these paid streaming websites

  • Netflix

No matter where you live and how you stream your content you have heard about this streaming platform somewhere. It is a site that offers very high-quality content at a very reasonable price of 9$ per month.

With this affordable price, you can get rid of all the ads while getting access to the latest movies, cartoons, documentaries, etc.

  • Disney Plus

This platform stands on top in terms of video quality just like Movierulz PLz. All the shows on this site are in HD quality which keeps you entertained for a long time without any interruptions. With just a small price of 7$ per month, you can watch all the shows from the latest releases to the old classics which is pretty amazing.

  • HBO max

This platform is a bit expensive but worth it. With the price of 15$ per month, HBO provides you best streaming experience that there is. The user interface is quite addictive and fun. 

HBO hosts all the mainstream shows and movies in great video quality. There are no security issues or ads which make your online streaming experience a pure delight.

  • Amazon Prime Video

This platform costs about 13$ a month but the price is nothing compared to the advantages that it offers. Apart from movies you can listen to music, make purchases with two-day free shipping, and much more.

The people seem pretty satisfied with both the quality and quantity of shows that this site offers. There are hundreds of movies, cartoon shows, anime, and reality show available for you to stream which is as exciting as it sounds.

Summing it Up

Nobody likes ads while streaming and now you can remove these annoying interruptions by following the above instructions. Both methods that we have discussed above can solve your every concern regarding ads. It is up to you now to decide which one you want to go with.

Using an ad blocker is cheaper but going for paid sites gives you additional cool advantages. So, in a way both these methods have their pros and cons. You can try any of these tools and get rid of ads once and for all and that is a promise.

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