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Which is the best time for hosting your wedding

LifestyleWhich is the best time for hosting your wedding

There is no right time for you to get married. As, it is you and only you, who is going to decide when to get married and where to get married. But the right time for it depends upon the season you are choosing from. Here are the wonders of Indian seasons, as for you to choose the right wedding day.

  • Summer and the Sun

Who hasn’t desired to have a beach wedding? The summers are just the right time for it. Where you get to host your destination weddings by the side of a lake, or even an occasion. It is best for people gorging on juicy fruits, lemonades and glasses on Pina Colada.

Though you get the scorching heat of the Sun, around the months of May and June. Yet it is perfect for people wanting their weddings set right inside a centrally air conditioned banquet hall.

  • Monsoon for the Pluviophiles

There isn’t any particular reason why someone loves the sound of rain falling over their glass panes. Or how, the smell of wet mud attracts their sensors. Just that, Pluviophiles do romanticise the falling rain during the monsoon season.

At this time, the bengali wedding menu is also exquisite. Lots and lots of options for fritters, and fries. Vegetables like eggplant, potato and obviously gram flour plays a big role. This is essentially a reason for you to have your wedding during the monsoon.

  • Autumn and its clouds

For the rest of the world, Autumn is just the rejuvenation for nature. But, in India this is the most beautiful season of the year. Where, the clouds are exclusively full and the sky has a canvas of its own. “Sharat Kal”, as you call it here, is a perfect season for any festival.

The bengali wedding menu at this time, has the flavours of festivity. Sweets, fries, and obviously Biryani. So, this is the best time for people who want their wedding in and at the time of Durga Puja or Diwali.

  • Fall for the Chionophiles

If you are in India, then you must have loved this time of the year. When it is neither too hot, nor too cold. You can get your event under the sky, as well as inside the wonders of an enclosed venue.

In either way, your occasion is going to be amazing, devoid of the place and time of the day. As, the weather stays extremely favorable and so does the availability of resources. The fall brings out the best of vegetables, like fresh carrot, beans, beet roots, and also newly grown rice.

  • Winter and the cold

Probably this is the most favorable time for everyone to have their weddings. Wedding venues and banquet halls, odo receive the highest request for this time of the year. There are no worries for the hot breeze, nor for the Sun’s heat.

Even the bengali lunch menu, at this time, has the best foods and sweets. This time of the year brings out the best jaggery, or molasses called “Nolin Gur”. Nothing goes better than this, as it bakes the softest sweets that smells heavenly.

  • Spring and its beginning

As the fall goes away, and frost melts. Spring comes up with a new beginning and a fresh start for the wedding season. Spring is a favorable time, because it not only blossoms the best of fruits and flowers; but also because it showers the best of winds and weather.

This is an extremely favorable time, for people who want their wedding in the fullest glam of nature. A perfect time for a destination wedding at and around a valley or mountain dun. Even the bengali wedding menu at this time has few special attributes.

All these seasons do have their own special beauty. Alas, it is up to you when you desire to host your occasion. Remember one thing, despite there are thousands of things that you need to keep in mind, weddings are a once in a lifetime thing. So, make it large!


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