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Why Your Website Is Not Successful, In Spite Of Their Best Efforts

DesignWhy Your Website Is Not Successful, In Spite Of Their Best Efforts

Even if you have the same domain name as the biggest companies in the world, chances are there that your website may not become a grand success. Why? The answer lies in two words- User Experience.

Being one of the most important branding weapons that you have in your armory, your website has great power to attract traffic to your business. Now the success and failure of a website mainly depend on UX; how it seems to the end user. Unfortunately, several companies seem to get the UX of their website terribly wrong. What I mean is instead of attracting their target audiences, the kind of UX they offer often repels their valuable visitors. According to several reports around 78% of client-side respondents said their company wanted to deliver the best online user experience to its customers. Consider it as a good news or a bad news, but 55% of companies are conducting user testing across the globe. Which means there is a huge scope for errors that could eventually take down the UX of a site.

In order to avoid them, you should be knowing at least what they are. So let’s consider what makes bad user experience.

Slow-loading sites- I am pretty sure you must have come across websites who take their own sweet time to load. This irritates most of us a lot! I mean when a customer is interested in knowing more about you and your products, your site doesn’t cooperate well. This means the site’s UX already had one big strike against it.

Frustrating user experience- Another major turn off for your end users could be the site offering frustrating UX. Right from homepage looking like as it has been hit by tornado to the layout seem to be jumbled up, everything starts getting in the way of users accomplishing the task they’ve set out to complete.

Stock photos- If you think that there is nothing wrong in using stock photos on your site then simply beware! You are right away throwing doors open or bad user experience, such photos are not good news for user experience. By doing this you yourself are damaging the perception of your business.

Good user experience is never enforced- Such mistakes are mainly made by ecommerce sites. I am sure you must have seen those which ask you to register before you checkout. Shoppers these days see registration as a barrier, try attracting them instead of forcing to stick to your site.

Lack of engagement- Last but certainly not the least, when someone lands up on your site their main purpose is to know your business and interact with your brand on one-on-one-level. Communication shouldn’t be one-way traffic on your website. In fact, it should be a dialogue between you and your intended audience. A lack of dialogue is what can kill the user experience.

Remember this,

Your website is a product that you are offering your end users make sure to offer the best version of your business. Try delivering the best sort of user experience that your visitor never forgets.

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