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World Rose Day: A Day To Bring Positivity in The Lives of Cancer Patients

HealthWorld Rose Day: A Day To Bring Positivity in The Lives of Cancer Patients

Getting diagnosed with cancer can be a turmoil for anyone. It is not only difficult for the patient; but, it is also disturbing for the family members as well. Given the rising cancer cases, it is necessary to think about the risks. Staying prepared financially by opting for cancer insurance will help one face any unforeseen situation of being diagnosed with the disease. Nowadays, many health insurance providers like Care insurance offer cancer care plans with comprehensive policy coverage.

Providing emotional support to a cancer patient can help him or her in fighting this deadly disease. For ensuring happiness for those battling cancer, every year on September 22 is recognized as World Rose Day. On this day, hand-made cards and roses are offered to people struggling with cancer. Also, special events are organized to give them strength.

Here’s what you should know about World Rose Day and how you can spread cancer awareness.

History of World Rose Day

Rose is a symbol of tenderness offered to cancer patients to give them strength as they are suffering from this lethal disease. World Rose Day is a day observed in the memory of Melinda Rose from Canada, who was diagnosed with Askin’s Tumour. Her life has touched the lives of many people as she didn’t give up until the end. Doctors predicted she would not survive for more than a few weeks; but, she survived for six months. In the last six months, she continued to write emails, poetry, and letters to other cancer patients. This day is observed as a reminder that one should spend time with cancer patients and cheer them up.

Cancer is an abnormal cell growth in the body that spreads to other body parts. Inactive lifestyle, poor eating habits, smoking and genetic factors are some of the leading causes of cancer. Moreover, cancer treatments are getting expensive, highlighting the need for having a care cancer insurance policy, thus ensuring financial protection.

What Can Be Done to Promote Cancer Awareness?

Cancer is a dangerous disease that can be emotionally draining for a patient. Supporting the patients can help them in winning their battle against cancer.

Let us discuss some of the ways as to how you can extend a helping hand to someone who is fighting against cancer.

  • Listen to their grievances

  • Help them think positive

  • Take out time for them

  • Hang out with them to build up their immunity

Besides, the need for getting a care cancer insurance policy has increased, considering that this ailment is the leading cause of deaths in the world. It is essential to invest in these plans early in life to receive the required coverage at the right time. Cancer insurance plans cover in-patient hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization, OPD costs, daycare treatment, ambulance, organ donor, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

What Is The Solution to Manage Cancer Treatment Costs?

An individual dealing with this lethal disease must have a financial backup. The treatment cost of cancer is skyrocketing and will rise in the future. Apart from emotional support, it is equally important to have medical insurance. Health insurance for cancer patients is a great relief that can reduce their financial hardships.

You can opt for Cancer Mediclaim from Care Insurance that reduces the impact of high costs involved in treating this disease. Cancer insurance covers various expenses such as pre and post hospitalization medical expenses, advanced treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and modern daycare treatment. The best part is that it covers all the stages of cancer.

Unfortunately, the survival rate of cancer patients is relatively low in our country. It is mainly due to a lack of early detection. Hence, health insurance is a great financial help that can help mitigate the financial burden to a great extent.

On this World Rose Day, let’s be empathetic towards the sick and defeat this disease together.

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