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Ready to Do Some Online Bra Shopping? 4 Tips for Buying the Perfect-Fitting Bra Online

Beauty & FashionReady to Do Some Online Bra Shopping? 4 Tips for Buying the Perfect-Fitting Bra Online

Purchasing a bra is a classically excruciating experience for so many women out there. Far too often, the in-store experience with bra shopping is already one that causes many women a headache. Throughout the covid era, online bra shopping has risen in popularity, but with it has come many women who refuse to participate out of fear that the experience will be even worse. We would actually venture to challenge this mindset. In the modern age, the online bra shopping experience has improved drastically with try-on guides and personalized in-depth quizzes which help women find their most natural and comfortable fitting bra.

Many online bra stores actually have more unique and specific types of bras to fit your specific shape of breast. This is a luxury that most in-store shopping experiences simply do not have the inventory or intentionality to provide. Meanwhile, the online bra shopping experience has had to work double time to provide a user-friendly experience as they are already fighting the stigma that bra shopping has on its own without the online component. Because of this extra intentionality, in many ways it allows this new form of bra shopping to be even more personalized to you, with some brands have quizzes that include questions about changes to your body, favorite brands, current bra size and fit, age, breast shape, and style preferences. This allows the online bra shopping experience to be catered to you in ways that the in-store one rarely is. That being said, it’s important to know what you need to know before beginning the perfect fit experience. When it comes to buying bras, we have 5 tips and tricks to prepare you for an actually positive online bra shopping experience. 

  1. Learn how to measure correctly.

Believe it or not, you do not have to have some sort of bra expertise or degree in order to correctly take your band measurement. If you’re a beginner, it’s important for you to know that the number component you see in the sizing charts is determined by the measurement around your ribcage. The letter component is determined by your cup size. The letter component is easy to determine by subtracting the measurement of your under-boob ribcage circumference  from the circumference of your breasts at their fullest point. Whatever the number is that is your answer should correlate with the alphabetical cup size. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, many people use a string or a belt and then measure your results from there.

  1. Know what type of support you’re looking for.

Every boob is different, so at the end of the day only you know what type of support you need out of the bra you’re shopping for. Some people prefer to have some push-up action, while others just prefer a simple underwire. Still, others hate wearing a bra in general and can get away with wearing a bralette with very little extra support. Others, hate how bra clasps feel, and opt for a smooth back stretch of fabric rather than a clasp. Know what type of shape you prefer your boobs to be and stick to that. Do you like them pointy or smashed down? These are things to be aware of when it comes to cup shape that will need to be taken into consideration. 

  1. Don’t make assumptions about what size you are.

Did you know that on average a woman’s bra size will typically change about 6 different times over their lifetime? Just because you were once a 34C does not mean that always will be. Women with larger cup sizes such as E, F, or G become so conditioned to a poorly fitting bra, that they believe they are a double D and continue to shop as such. This is where online stores can really be a benefit because they have a much larger inventory, and don’t require these women to go to a specialty store. Also, don’t be afraid to size down in band size. It is a common mistake for women to wear a band size that is larger than needed and will ultimately lead to discomfort. Additionally, as your bra ages, it is likely to stretch making it bigger than it already was in the first place.

  1. Utilize online fit guides and quizzes. 

Online stores have excellently detailed size guides as well as fit quizzes which can help significantly in knowing what to choose. Fit quizzes and online customer service chats can help you make the most informed decision possible. Additionally, lots of websites have video tutorials on how to best measure yourself if you are a visual learner and would rather see it done than read about it.  The three-point fit check is an important way to analyze your best fit Cups should not be gaping or digging in, straps should it on your shoulders without indentions, and the band should be snug without hurting.

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