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5 Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

Home & Garden5 Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

We spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom, making it one of the most important rooms in the house. It should be located carefully, and it should be useful to every person living in the house. 

When designing a bathroom, you must prepare it properly. You must choose the right taps, but also the right type of water system. Furthermore, you must go for a timeless design that doesn’t lose its charm in a few years.

That being said, there are common mistakes that people make when designing their bathrooms, and it’s essential to avoid them. Here are the 5 mistakes specified by that you should prevent:

  1. Having No View Out and No Proper Lighting

A bathroom with no view out is a no-no. While you might not like the thought of having a window for a room you’re using to shower or deal with other necessities, windows can help a lot with ventilation and lighting. For this reason, you should always make sure that your bathroom has a window. When relocating a bathroom or building one, it should be on an outside wall that has windows.

“No one likes a dark, damp bathroom with bad circulation — it’s no fun spending time in a space like that,” says Dylan Chappell on “If you’re building or relocating a bathroom, try to site it on an outside wall with windows.”

Now, of course, there are situations when windows aren’t an option. When this is the case, you should consider installing an operable skylight. This will also ensure you get enough natural light, as well as fresh air when you need it. 

You shouldn’t overlook the lighting in a bathroom either. Apart from the natural light, you should also think about a lighting scheme for the space. You may add spotlights that you can dim for a more relaxing atmosphere, as well as task lighting. Candles are also great if you want something more affordable that creates an intimate atmosphere. 

  1. You’re Not Taking the Right Measurements

Inaccurate measurements are something you want to avoid. Not only will they completely ruin your bathroom design plans, but they will also be quite costly. When measuring the space, it is crucial to double-check the measurements. After all, you do not want to buy something for your bathroom, only to find out that it doesn’t fit. 

It’s also crucial to consider every little thing, including the gap between the vanity and toilet and the way the door swings. 

“Always measure twice before you select fittings and fixtures for your bathroom to make sure they’ll fit,” says Daniela Santilli, Reece bathroom marketing leader. “Think how doors and drawers will open and how you will move through the space. Your builder, plumber, or project manager should also be able to help you with this process.”

  1. Getting a Clear View from Other Rooms

A common mistake made when placing bathrooms in a home is making them in such a way that the other rooms get a clear view inside. You don’t want people sitting in those rooms to see properly into the bathroom.

There should be some type of separation. After all, you don’t want to have guests sitting in your living room or kitchen and look straight at the toilet in your bathroom.

  1. Thinking That Bigger Makes the Bathroom Better

Many people live with the “bigger is better” mindset, and this applies to bathrooms as well. But bigger isn’t always better. You must make sure that what goes in your bathroom suits the space and functions efficiently for your lifestyle. 

Make sure that everything – including the shower, vanity, and bath – is the right scale for the space. 

  1. Focusing Too Much on the Toilet

You don’t want the first thing you see in the bathroom to be the toilet. Not to mention that you don’t want it to be seen from other rooms. 

If possible, you should consider keeping the shower and toilet separate from the sink. This way, someone can shower while another person can get ready for work in front of the sink. 

Final Thoughts

Making the right choices when designing your bathroom will ensure that you use it conveniently. Avoid the mistakes presented in this article and you will have a dream bathroom.

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