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Automotive Preventative Maintenance in Michigan: Checking the Belts

AutoAutomotive Preventative Maintenance in Michigan: Checking the Belts

Preventative maintenance for your vehicle is about saving money and ultimately time. You minimize expenses when small problems are prevented from becoming large ones, and you save time by keeping your vehicle on the road rather than in the shop. Preventive maintenance on your vehicle is also the best way to get cheap auto insurance in Michigan, as it does keep you away from car accidents. Rarely does a company offer very cheap auto insurance no deposit to a driver classified as a risk driver.

Maintenance is of course keeping a check on your oil and changing it or having it changed on a regular basis. It is also about keeping the proper air pressure in your tires and checking the tread for wear or cracks. Finally, make sure to keep a periodic check on the belts in your vehicle.

Checking Your Vehicle’s Belts

At your vehicle’s sixty-thousand-mile tune-up make sure that your belts are changed, whether or not they are showing signs of wear. Your mechanic should not charge you any additional labor charges to do so as changing the timing belt is already part of the service.

To check the belts yourself, first you need to be sure the engine is not running. To avoid injury, ensure that you don’t attempt to touch the belts until both they and the engine have fully cooled. The hood release can be found under the dashboard. Then simply slide your hand under the front of the hood to find the safety catch, which will need to be either squeezed or slid to open the hood.

Directly in front of the vehicle’s engine you will be able to see the belts. On a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the engine is located close to the front bumper, near the radiator. On a front wheel drive vehicle, the engine is located towards the fender.

The Number of Belts May Vary

Depending on the type of vehicle, you may find a varying number of belts. The belts are called drive belts because the drive various components of the vehicle’s operations like the power steering pump, the water pump, the smog pump, the alternator and the fan. There may be two belts or even more depending on your vehicle. You can test the tension of each belt by using your thumb. Press lightly in the middle of the longest part of the belt, between the pulleys that it runs over. Your owner’s manual will provide you with details of how much give there should be in each belt. As a rough guide, there should usually be less than an inch of give from a gentle push.

While you are checking for the give in the belt you can inspect it for any signs that it is beginning to crack or dry out. You will probably notice a little bit of cracking and this is fine but there should not be chunks missing. There may be a rust color on the belt which is also normal. As the belt operates, a fine dust is created and this will rust over time. It is nothing to worry about. This is particularly true of the belt for the air conditioning clutch. If the belt has too much give or you see obvious signs of wear then it needs to be replaced before it breaks. A screeching sound when you hit the gas is an indication that the belt is too lose. In this case, the belt will need to either be replaced or tightened. Should one of your belts break, it can be an expensive repair.

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