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Truck Accidents Due To Poor Road Conditions

LawTruck Accidents Due To Poor Road Conditions

Most truck accidents involve driver negligence. However, there are cases when you can’t blame the driver alone, instead of poor road conditions. Roadways are always known to be the most reliable modes of transport, not only for the door to door services but also for long-distance services. Sometimes road transports are cheaper than railways, but certain road conditions are quite vulnerable to vehicles because of potholes, cracks, uneven surfaces which are unsafe for driving.

Most of the good roads are turn into the bad ones because of being left under construction or because of natural calamities, heavy vehicles such as trucks are prone to accidents because of such road conditions. If you have been involved in a truck accident, you must give this article a read, here only discuss the prominent road conditions that lead fatal truck accidents but also how a truck accident attorney can help you get maximum compensation for your loss.

What are the effects of bad roads?

Bad road conditions are responsible for a lot of problems that directly lead to the truck and other vehicle accidents, small vehicles can avoid such situations, but when it comes to heavy commercial trucks, a single pothole can be dangerous as it might disturb the wheel balance of the vehicle.

In the urban region, the effects of bad roads seen prominently, one of them is the significant increase in truck accidents occurring each year. If you or your loved ones have been injured in a truck accident you may be entitled to compensation, to know more you can consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer.

  • Loss of money

Needless to mention, a hefty amount is required to build heavy automobiles in order to carry goods. Accidents on bad roads can lead to loss of money in order to repair such vehicles, besides it can be fatal to the four or two-wheelers involved.

In most cases, people in the truck faces minor injuries because of the size of the vehicle.For the government, it requires a lot of money to repair the roads in order to avoid such accidents. For trucking companies, it’s not always possible to buy another truck immediately after an accident, besides they sometimes have to bear the hefty amount of compensation to the other party involved in the accident.

  • Frequent accidents

Bad road conditions lead to frequent accidents which can not only be fatal for both the vehicles but also for the pedestrians; truck drivers cannot be held responsible for such a wreck. Drivers who frequently use that road might be aware of such road conditions, but the same cannot be expected from all the vehicles.

  • Deterioration of Human Resources

One is the most common social impacts due to bad road conditions is the loss of Human Resources. Truck accidents can lead to a large number of fatalities together with injuries both to the driver and the other party involved. Unusual garbage disposal near construction sites, especially in monsoon season might cause a lot of accidents apart from truck accidents. Precious human resources are important in building a nation; big accidents can not only be fatal but also causes a lot of resources to lose.

  • Social impacts

A truck accident is not limited to the truck driver or the trucking company or the other party that is involved; it impacts the overall area, especially the citizens. If the accident leads to death, people residing nearby can be traumatized, they might face issues while reaching offices due to road traffic caused by accident.

Common causes of truck accidents

Other than bad road conditions several factors can be responsible for a fatal wreck, some of the worth mentioning are:

  • Negligence of the driver

In most cases,truck, driver’s negligence causes accidents;this might include poor health condition to not maintaining speed limits. While hiring a truck driver every trucking company should check its background carefully, they must check from where that driver took the training and how they can handle responsibilities.

  • Negligence of the trucking company

Sometimes for earning some extra bucks trucking companies hire drivers with lack of experience. They must check whether the person is suitable enough to take such responsibilities. Also, the medical history of the driver needs to checked carefully; it is important for the trucking company to know on what medication the person is on or was, as it says a lot about the driver’s health condition.

  • Over duty

Some drivers are good with a couple of hours of over duty, but some took multiple shifts either due to pressure from the trucking company or to earn extra. While driving commercial trucks, physical stamina is important the driver must be active while driving, if they got tired because of extra hours, it can cause accidents.

  • Improper load of the truck

Every commercial truck has some rules while loading, it must not be loaded beyond its capacity, but sometimes trucking companies overlook such rules due to pressure from the client or to save operational cost. It might look not much serious compared to other causes, but overloaded trucks can easily go out of control that leads to an accident.

  • Poor or defected road signal

Truck drivers depend on the road signals to take safe moves during their journeys, sometimes due to defective road signal they have to stop suddenly out of confusion, it also leads to fatal accidents because of wrong decisions taken by truck drivers. 

When do you require a truck accident lawyer?

If you or your loved ones have been involved in a truck accident, you must consult with a truck accident solicitor or lawyer to claim your compensation for your suffering and loss or personal injury. Whether the government is responsible or the trucking company, we understand where to look for the evidence. Most government entities have special immunity when it comes to truck accident lawsuits, however, we know how to sue some of them under a specific circumstance, we ensure you will get an experienced personal injury attorney to help you. We are expertise in dealing with commercial truck accidents we know how to place different arguments to claim maximum compensation that you deserve for your loss. You can also book a free demo consultation for your truck accident compensation.

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