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How to Personalize Your Car with Efficiency

AutoHow to Personalize Your Car with Efficiency

Are you bored with the same old look of your car? Don’t worry, here are a few tips to customise your car without creating a hole in pockets. Follow the tips and give your car a new look.

Regardless of whether your car is falling apart or is brand new, you can take steps to personalise it. Just like your outfit or your room, your car reflects your personality. Shouldn’t it be unique, just like you?

There are various ways to personalise your car. You need not always spend huge amounts of money to customise it with the right parts from Automotive Stuff.

Here you will find a list of items that you can use for personalising your car without exhausting your bank balance.


One of the most dramatic ways to improve the look of your car is by using the bolder, larger as well as shinier aftermarket rims.

There are so many options available in the style and colour that you can lend an awesome customised appearance to an otherwise common car. While choosing aftermarket rims, check out on the fitment guide. This will ensure that the bolt pattern and the wheel size are best fit for your car.

Car Interior

Are your car seats looking tired and old? Rather than investing in brand new seats that are absolutely out of the budget, you can look around for deals on the car accessories. You never know where you can find great deals that can change the look of your car’s interior.

Stance / Suspension

As soon as you go for low profile tires and larger rims, you can also opt for lowering the vehicle. This is possible following two different ways. The cost effective option is lowering the springs that may work with the OEM shocks. A coilover kit is a costlier option enabling greater drops. Some coilovers also include shock dampening adjustment. Either way, the objective is reduction of wheel gap. Depending upon how much the car is lowered, it is possible to adjust the control arms. If you are lowering the car substantially, you may require the adjustable aftermarket control arms. It is better to get the suspension work done by an experienced mechanic.

Vehicle Wrap

Wraps are comparatively less expensive as compared to overall paint jobs. Wraps are nothing apart from a huge decal that remains attached to your car and are possible to remove easily.

Car Stereo Systems

Hundreds of car stereo systems are available today with latest technology and the gadgets. However, the price tag is also quite high for these. Improvement of car audio is possible on a budget; you can replace one component at a time. Over time, you can put together a sound system.

It’s important to plan the things you want your sound system to include, well in advance. This will help you to purchase the individual items that will work in unison with ease. You can start the job by replacing the speakers. They are available at cost effective price and improve the sound in your car significantly.

Number Plate

This is one of the most popular ways to personalise a car these days. If you want to personalise your number plate, you can get special plates with different options. You can choose from pre-set formats with the personalised formats. Once you get your DVLA personalised registration done for your car’s number plate, it would take your car’s customisation to a whole new level.

Satellite Navigation System

You may want a car that has the navigation system installed already. This is no longer a necessity since there are several portable GPS systems available at affordable rates. If you can’t stretch your budget to purchase the car navigation systems, consider using your smartphone. They come with several apps. All you need to do is purchase a smartphone holder. You can use it to fix it on the windscreen.

Accessories for Keeping Kids Entertained

Accessorising your car does not just appeal to the kids but it also helps them feel that the car belongs to them. Car stickers are in fact one of the best ways to help kids identify their car even in a crowded parking lot. You need not worry about the stickers leaving behind a sticky residue. You can get rid of the car stickers with ease and there won’t be any evidence that the car sticker was there, either.

You can use other fun accessories like sun shades too, positioning them just next to your kid’s car seat. You can choose designs including their favorite cartoon characters. This will not just keep the kids amused but can also protect them from the Sun at a price that is much lower than tinting the windows.


Upgrading the exhaust is one of the favorite modifications of the boy racer types. This is possible to do easily. This looks and sounds better as well as scores more attention while you move around the block. It comes with another advantage. It adds a few horsepower as performance enhancement.

With these tips, you are ready to personalise your car. Give it a makeover as soon as possible!

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