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Handy tips for a first time car buyer

BusinessHandy tips for a first time car buyer

The purchase of a new car might ring in excitement but there are handy challenges to encounter. A question that emerges is which is the best car to buy in UAE as several questions emerge to the fore. Planning ahead is going to make the process easy on route to avail that dream car. Here are a few handy tips that you can consider

Clearly stock of your needs

Are you looking for a car that is going to make you head to office every day or one for personal use? Even take stock of the weather that is outside the premises. Make sure that you evaluate the driving conditions along with the lifestyle you end up facing regularly. Be aware about the various options and features, and how it is going to have a role in the price of a car.

Be aware about your budget along with financing

A realistic look at your finances is important. It is not only for purchase but it is on how you are going to take care of the car in the future. Be aware of the true cost of being the owner of a car. Making a down payment is not a bad idea if you are looking to avail a loan. You are not going to borrow a lot of money and the monthly instalment would also be on the lower side. Before availing a loan it is better to check out the monthly EMI calculators that the banks provide.

Be aware of your options

Shopping for the first car seems to be a lot easy than when you are shopping for your parents. In fact the internet is going to provide you with inputs on numerous sellers who reside in your region. Even it is possible to trim down the cheapest car in UAE based on a given set of criteria’s. When it is a new car you could ask multiple dealers for quotes

Application for a loan

This might turn out to be a counter intuitive measure but it seems to be useful. First and foremost it might go on to provide an idea on how much you might be looking to borrow. Just look at your credit score and what amount of borrowing would be of benefit.

A test drive is a must

The moment you have gone on to identify a few cars that fits in your budget, make sure that you are taking a test drive on how it feels. Make sure that you try all the cars that you are comparing on the same day so that the decision becomes an easy one. It is necessary to avail the services of a dealer s they might provide you with handy tips on how to deal with the same.

To conclude, once the research is done with proper finance measures the time is an apt one to negotiate the deal. Even before signing understand the terms and conditions properly.

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