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5 Exciting Business Trends to Prepare For (2023-2025) 

Business5 Exciting Business Trends to Prepare For (2023-2025) 

2023 is the start of a brand-new era for businesses, from SMBs to global brands. Below are 5 exciting business trends that you need to prepare for, no matter which industry you currently operate in. 

As a business owner or part of the management team, it’s your responsibility to keep up to date with the latest trends and happenings in the business world. 

When new trends emerge, they’re usually worth engaging with. This is because they can provide your business with immediate and long-term success. 

Some trends are worth avoiding, though, which is why this guide has left them off the list. Prepare to learn about some exciting business trends to prepare for from now until 2025. 

  1. The Modern Intranet 

Over the coming years, you’re going to witness the rise of the modern intranet. 

Definition: An intranet is a private network within a business that’s can only be accessed by employees. This network is typically designed for sharing important information and using computer resources. 

At the core of every business is an intranet. Without one, it’s difficult to build a solid foundation for employees to work and thrive. 

Currently, many businesses are turning to intranet software providers like Simpplr so that they can evolve with the times. This is especially important in the ‘work-from-home’ era, where millions of employees need to access information and resources from remote locations. Once you start using a modern intranet platform, your employees can truly reach their potential. 

  1. Sustainability  

Since 2020, climate change has been a huge topic of discussion. 

This had led to lots of pressure being placed on businesses to be more sustainable and go green. Some businesses have risen to the challenge, while others have yet to become more sustainable. 

For example, Microsoft and Google are working toward 24/7 renewable energy. As two of the biggest companies in the world, they’re setting an example for the rest to follow, which is incredibly exciting. 

So, in 2023, your business needs to make your ESG (environmental, social, and governance) plan one of your main priorities. Once you understand how your business is impacting society and the environment, you can then start making positive steps forward, whether it’s going paperless or switching suppliers. 

  1. Social Media Customer Service

Gradually, traditional customer service (telephone, email) is coming to an end. As a result, you’re going to see social media customer service skyrocket to the top. 

When customers need to speak with a company, they’re going to open Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to send them a direct message. This is great, as it means customer service can be supplied quicker and more efficiently. 

  1. Remote Talent 

Back in the old days, companies would traditionally only hire people from the local area. Now, though, this is all changing. Instead, businesses are hiring remote talent from completely different locations. Sometimes, they even hire candidates from different countries and time zones! Over the next decade, this is going to be a huge trend as more companies go fully remote. 

  1. 5G Technology 

Lastly, there’s 5G technology. Slowly but surely, 5G technology has begun to take over the modern workplace. This means faster internet, greater safety, and lower latency. Essentially, it ticks all the right boxes. Providing it’s financially viable, your business should also look to switch to 5G over the next couple of years. 

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