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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter: 5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Home & GardenHow to Prepare Your Home for Winter: 5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Paying attention to the maintenance needs of your water heater is crucial for many reasons. First, it helps increase the functionality and longevity of your system. Second, it can save you money on your monthly water heating bills. And most importantly, it can help you spot faulty components and call a repair before the problem gets too big.

According to HomeAdvisor, installing a water heater costs $805 and $1,553, or an average of $1,168, including the unit and labor. If you are not ready for such a home expense, you better take good care of your water heater appliance. Here are 5 warning signs of water heater failure that you need to be aware of:

There is a leak or crack in your water heater tank.

Is your water heater leaking water all over the basement floor? If yes, that is a clear sign of a water heater failure, which needs the immediate attention of licensed plumbers. Among the common causes of water heater leakage is loose fixtures, too much pressure inside the tank, and improper draining. While you can try to troubleshoot such a water heater problem, it simply cannot guarantee you a quality result. It’s always a great idea to hire the pros to ensure the safety of your home and plumbing system.

There is rust in the water.

If you are seeing rust in your hot water, you surely need plumbing help. Rusty water is a plumbing problem usually associated with storage tank water heaters. It is important to call a plumber who can check whether the rust is coming from inside or outside the unit. Berkeley Wellness explains that rust in water is not a sign of harmful bacteria or lead, which are hazards. However, you cannot live on rusty water, as it still can cause shortness of breath and vomiting, as well as stain sinks and clothing. You need to schedule a Plumbing Repair right away.

Cold water is coming out from the hot water tap.

Many homeowners do not pay attention to their water heaters until they have to take an ice cold shower in winter. Before the cold season arrives, test run your water heater to see whether or not it can efficiently produce hot water for your household use. If cold water keeps coming out of the hot water tap, you have to call your plumber right away for repair service.

Your water heater makes strange, loud noises.

Do you hear a rumbling sound every time you operate your water heater? It is normal for water heaters to make a little noise when being operated. But, once you hear loud, disturbing sounds, it’s high time to call a plumbing repair contractor. One of the common causes of a noisy water heater is sediment buildup. In such a case, draining the tank is the best course of action to take.

You keep running out of hot water fast.

A single-family storage water heater offers a ready reservoir — from 20 to 80 gallons — of hot water, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s almost impossible to run out of hot water as released water is immediately replaced in the tank. If your water heater does run out of hot water fast, a faulty heating element could be the culprit. Having a functional water heater is one way to keep your family safe and comfortable during the cold winter months. However, DIY troubleshooting is not the safest way to get your water heater ready for winter use. Protect your investments by hiring the pros to winterize your house systems. Schedule a plumbing service today!

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