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5 Ways to Fix Boring Guest Rooms

Home & Garden5 Ways to Fix Boring Guest Rooms

Do you have a boring guest room? The type which is also your home office, dumping ground or the children’s play area? Many of us are the same. Or is your guest room so stark and plain that you feel overwhelmingly bored when you walk into the room? In the end, wouldn’t it be nice to have one room dedicated to your guests so that when they come around the stay, there isn’t a repeated upheaval of having to prepare the room. Whether that means making it more homely or having a huge declutter.

In this article, find out five ways to fix your boring guest room. Make a quick transformation by giving the bed fresh, new bedding. Stage the room so that it looks homely and ready to use. Make a feature by creating a signature wall in different, creative ways. Restore old furniture to give a new lease of life or simply declutter the space!

Get new bedding

One of the easiest ways to fix a boring guest room is by choosing new bedding. And we don’t just mean new bed sheets. Don’t make your guests put up with old pillows and duvets – instead buy new ones so that they have a fantastic night’s sleep. Remember, these don’t have to cost the earth to be good quality. Next, choose white bedding with the highest thread count you can afford. White will last for years and goes with any color scheme. Last of all, bed accessories. Neutral toned soft blankets and tastefully patterned scatter cushions will add subtle stylish touches to the room. Remember, neutral colors are best when choosing decor for a guest bedroom. This is to make sure you are pleasing all different tastes, ages, genders and more.

Stage the room

When a guest walks into the room, they want to feel welcome. The key to achieving this is staging the room so that it looks ready for their stay – whether they are sleeping over for one night or for a month! To do this, make sure there is a small selection of books on the bedside table covering a range of genres – non-fiction gardening books, a thriller, a romance etc. This means they have something good to read if they are struggling to sleep or have forgotten their own book. If anything, it makes the room look more lived in! The second move is to have a bedside lamp on when they arrive after dark. It will make it look like the room has been waiting expectantly for them making them feel special! Remember to have fresh towels and place them on the bed so they can avoid the awkward question when they want to have a wash. If you want to go one step further, have a glass and a lidded jug of water next to their bed for refreshment. Some people like to have a glass of water next to their bed during the night.

Create a quick feature wall

To fix a boring bedroom, bring it to life with a feature wall. This doesn’t need to be particularly show-stopping, but will still create a focus in the room. Why not have a quick transformation with a custom-made wallpaper mural? offer a huge range of styles that will improve any plain room. From realistic wood effect designs, delicate oriental inspired artwork, abstract shapes and so much more. Or why not create a gallery photo wall? Instead of choosing personal photographs for the frames, choose beautiful artwork instead. Vintage travel postcards, art you’ve found over the years or your own home-made pieces. All of these will intrigue and interest your guests and add to the homely ambiance. Or have you thought about adding some simple shelving? Floating shelves with framed artwork, small succulents, candles and more, will create a quick feature wall, adding a focal point to the room.

Restore old furniture

If you want to save a few pennies and don’t want to buy new furniture, restore your old pieces instead to update your boring guest room. If the headboard looks tired or outdated, choose a beautiful neutral fabric and studs. Simply get handy with a staple gun and hammer and create a brand new looking headboard. Or are your bedside tables looking worse for wear? Have you thought about using chalk paint? Just paint the entire pieces and when they are dry use a gentle piece of sanding paper to create a beautiful, distressed effect. Lastly, seal the chalk paint with wax once dry.


One of the best ways to improve a boring, messy guest room is to declutter. Tidying away, choosing what to keep and having a deep clean will make all the difference. Less is always more in places like this. It allows your guest to make the room their own. So having clear surface spaces for them to place their cosmetics, empty drawers and cupboards to store their clothes are all extra ways of saying welcome. If the room is messy, it will make them feel like they are in the way.

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