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How To Give Your Home a New Look With Things You Already Have

Top StoriesHow To Give Your Home a New Look With Things You Already Have

Want to give your home a makeover without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place. Rather than buying things to give your home a new look, why not use items you already own? You’ll be surprised at just how different a room can look simply by rearranging the furniture, swapping them out, or changing the colours.

Walk around your home and think about the creative things you can do with what you have. Using existing items will help you save money and prevent cluttering your home. So, here are seven ways to revamp your home with things you own.

7 Ways To Give Your Home a New Look

1. Bring the outdoors in

Got flowers in your yard? Bring them in for a touch of nature and a pop of colour! Put them in glass bottles, jars, or tea tins. You can also decorate with leaves, twigs, grasses, rocks, or shells from a beach holiday and place them inside clear vases or bowls. Outdoor furniture (garden stools, bistro chairs, plant stands) can be just as useful and attractive indoors, so bring them in as well.

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2. Create wall art

Add visual interest and texture to a bedroom, kitchen, or dining room wall by creating wall art. You can frame drawings, paintings, postcards, greeting cards, notes, and letters using an old door or window frame or hang them across a string. You can also put up the following items on the wall:

  • Family photos
  • Posters
  • Hats
  • Jewellery
  • Plates
  • Baskets
  • Construction paper crafts
  • Covers of your favourite books or CDs
  • Cooking tools (pots, pans, utensils).
  • Landscape canvas prints

3. Swap out tables and chairs

Swap out your coffee table with a bench, an old trunk or chest, or a group of ottomans. Use an old dining table as an office desk for more workspace or turn a stool into a side table. You can even repurpose a table by adding wheels and use it as a bedside table or a bar cart.

As for chairs, switch a couple of kitchen seats with ones in the dining room and place them at the ends or middle of the table for a new look. On the other hand, you can swap out traditional dining chairs for modern ones to create a casual atmosphere in the room.

4. Rearrange and restore furniture

You can rearrange furniture without having to swap them out. For example, you can face the living room sofa in another direction, move furniture away from the walls, or change the placement of tables and chairs. Here are some of the other ways to rearrange your furniture:

  • Put a side table in a corner, flanked by two sofas
  • Put two end tables together to make a coffee table
  • Place an open-back storage unit in the middle to divide the room
  • Push a coffee table against the wall and place objects on top for a unique display.

Additionally, you can restore furniture by repainting or reupholstering them. Repaint wooden furniture in a bold colour to modernise an old piece or change the slipcover of old sofas and chairs to make them look brand new and different.

5. Pull from other rooms

Dressers are versatile – use it as an entryway organiser or a dining room buffet. Use your soup tureen as an accent piece in the family room or put an antique table in a modern room for contrast. You could also use teacups to hold cotton balls in the bathroom or jewellery in the bedroom, or bring a stool into the bathroom so you can sit next to the bathtub or place bath essentials on it. For the living room, add floor pillows and sit on those instead of on the sofa or grab a throw blanket and throw pillows from around the house and place them on the couch for added colour and comfort.

6. Update the bed

Change your bedding seasonally and switch to different colours, prints, or materials. Use a door or shutters as a headboard, a dresser as a headboard with the bed away from the wall, or cover the headboard with a pretty fabric. You can also use a bench as a footboard for seating and storage.

What’s more, you can use a curtain, an old sheet, or gauze fabric to act as a bed canopy. Attach it to the wall with curtain rods or cup hooks. If you’ve got an existing canopy bed frame, drape the curtain, sheet, or fabric over the top. Additionally, you can turn the bed into a daybed by placing it horizontally against the wall and adding a coverlet or throw blanket and a bunch of pillows.

7. Style and accessorize shelves

Got messy or boring shelves? Arrange books from tallest to shortest, colour-coordinate them, and use bookends to keep them in place. Add pottery, vases, sculptures, or framed photos to some shelves for variety. Make sure they have something in common like a white finish or colour for a unified display. Leave empty space on some shelves to avoid clutter. You can also line the backs of shelves with wallpaper, fabric or wrapping paper, use vintage brackets to hold up floating shelves, or repaint the shelves with a different colour.

Ready to makeover your home?

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to makeover your home without buying anything. You can also add a touch of personality to the space with existing pieces. So take out your hat or art collection and display them for your friends and family to admire when they next visit or look for forgotten items and give them the space to shine as well. Take note of things you want to repaint or repair so they look brand new. There’s nothing more satisfying than making your home look and feel new for free.

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