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How Do You Prepare to Bring a New Dog to Home?

DIY & How ToHow Do You Prepare to Bring a New Dog to Home?

Adopting a new dog can be both overwhelming and exciting. The experience, however, depends on how you prepare for the process. It is essential to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the arrival of a new dog. After all, we consider a dog as man’s best friend. As a result, having a dog in your home should be more than having a pet. You must make adequate preparations for its arrival. This includes aspects like arranging a space for it, finding a reliable vet near you, investing in pet health insurance, choosing the right food, and making room in your schedule for walks. This will go a long way to making your new companion feel at home.


Naturally, dogs love to explore. Besides, exploring is a sign of good health in dogs. They are curious and energetic animals. If you are getting puppies, they will be restless and explore their surroundings with great enthusiasm. The implication of this is that they will likely chew on things, which places them at severe risk. This is one reason you should prepare not only to bond with your new furry friend but also for its safety.  

As a result, this article will shed light on simple tips to help prepare your home for a new dog.

Get His Supplies

The local pet store near you will be of great help in getting his supplies. This includes dog toys and treats, dog beds, a leash and collar, food and water bowls, grooming supplies, a pet gate, etc. You also need to stock up on the food.

If you have no idea what your furry friend might like to eat, ask the shelter or breeder. In time as the dog adapts to the home, you can switch the diet gradually. You might also want to get enough knowledge on how to train your pup.

Make Your Home Puppy Proof

In other words, puppy proof your home. There is a high probability that your dog will explore. Exploring for them means chewing things and scattering the thrash. The following are simple safety precautions you can take in making sure your pet never injures itself when exploring new territories. 

Choking Hazards: get rid of pins, paperclips, strings, remote control, and anything that could attract a puppy. This also includes whatever they might love to chew on.

Strangulation Hazards: Remove everything that can strangle your dog out of the way. Get rid of things like hanging cords or wires. 

Electrocution Hazards: Sadly, your puppy does not know that the cord is a death threat. As a result, get rid of electrical cables. Chewing it can cause burns or electrocutions. Hide these cords away from the reach of your dog.  

Tempting trash: If you adopt a stray dog, especially the ones that are used to fending for themselves, be careful of the trash can. There could be items in the trash that might harm your dog. Rotten foods, batteries, acids, etc., could injure your dog.


Prepare Your Dog’s Area

Besides a dog kennel, you should designate a particular area of your home to your dog. This is the area where your dog will feel safe the most. Make sure the place is comfortable enough. You can also go the extra mile and personalize the area to fit your dog’s specific needs. 

Before getting the dog home, decide if you will allow the dog in every part of the house or confine it in a particular place. Suppose you want to designate a specific area for your dog, set up a kennel in the right corner. If your dog doesn’t like the chosen space, try some other comfy place. It could be under the stairs or at the foot of your bed, whatever works best.

Be Careful of Scent

Dogs are sensitive to smell. In addition to securing the trash can, get everything that can attract them out of the way. Keep your hampers secured. Cloths newly washed and bedding materials are not safe for them.

Put all old socks away as they could attract your dog as well. Your puppy does not mind chewing on both your new and old sneakers. Make sure you are aware of anything your dog is allergic to and get it out of their reach as well. Your dog can chew anything as long as the scent attracts them, even if it is dangerous.

Give Your Dog Time to Acclimate

Make sure to bring your dog home on a day you can have time for her. As a result, the beginning of a week is not a good idea. Make it a weekend when you can devote time to help your furry friend get used to their new home.

Also, make it a day you will have everyone at home. This way, you can introduce your furry friend to every member of the family. Besides, this will make them feel welcome. 



Getting a new dog to become a member of the family requires patience and takes time. You have to prepare yourself, your home, everyone around for this transition. The right preparation can make the process a smooth one for every party involved.

We have provided five solid tips to help you prepare your home to receive your dog. These tips will go a long way in guarding against surprises as you prepare to have your furry friend. 

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