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7 Tips to Make Your Small-Spaced Bedroom More Comfortable

Home & Garden7 Tips to Make Your Small-Spaced Bedroom More Comfortable

Most people desire to have a spacious bedroom for it to become more comfortable. It is because most of the appliances needed to achieve the utmost comfortability will require so much space. It is frustrating that your personal space, which is supposed to be the place to relax after a long and tiring day did not even suffice your needs.

Without a night of good sleep, a lot of things in your life can change. If you have a small-spaced bedroom, you may have trouble finding ways to make it comfortable. But with the right bedroom accessories, you can create a bedroom that is comfortable and inviting. Whether you live in a studio apartment unit or a small home, having a comfortable and functional bedroom is necessary.

If you are one of those who only have a small space in your bedroom, do not worry because there are simple tips and hacks you can do to make it comfortable despite its limited space. Just keep on reading because we will elaborate on those tips below!

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Below are the 7 tips

  1. Invest in small air conditioners

Speaking of comfortability, most of the small bedrooms do not have good air circulation. If you are unlucky enough, your bedroom might also be located on the part of your house where the sun strikes in the afternoon. It will be extremely hot, and it will be impossible for you to have a comfortable day. Instead of buying electric fans that will consume floor space, so might as well buy an air conditioner. We are not referring to large air conditioners that will make your room look stiff. Not to mention that these types of air conditioners are so powerful for your liking that your room might end up like a refrigerator. As a tip, we recommend that you look for a narrow window air conditioner in the shopping mall near you. They are usually compact, more affordable, and are also energy-efficient. The best thing is, it is perfect for small bedrooms! It will not consume space and is just perfect too and fit for it.

  1. Hang your stuff 

Instead of buying a huge cabinet for you to display your bags and shoes, the best thing to do is just to hang your stuff on the wall. You can also personalize it and make it more appealing to the eye. As a tip, we recommend that you buy a sticker wallpaper then find an organizer that you can hang up on the wall matching its theme. It will allow you to have more spacious space on the floor. It will also make your room look clean. A messy room is also a hindrance to comfortability. Save your space and hang your stuff. 

  1. Choose bed frames with built-in cabinets

There are bed frames with built-in cabinets below them. If you can’t find one, you can hire someone to customize your bed frame and have a cabinet installed on it. It is already a great investment for you because you can put all other stuff like your dresses, books, and even snacks there. This is perfect for those who have a very tiny space in their bedroom and can’t afford to put on a huge cabinet. Not to mention that a cabinet underneath a bed frame just looks minimalistic and clean.

Aside from having a customized bed frame, making intelligent choices about the bedroom accessories you choose, such as your curtains, blankets, or pillows can make an impact in making your room feel more comfortable.

For pillows, you can choose a simple pillow that offers plenty of benefits, like a buckwheat pillow. A buckwheat pillow is a Cooling Pillow made from the hulls of the buckwheat plant. Buckwheat hulls are used for pillows as they support the head, neck, shoulder, and spine while being completely breathable and naturally hypoallergenic. They are a good option if you suffer from a sore neck, shoulder pain, or a stiff back. These pillows would be a great option that may help make your room more comfortable and give you a better good night’s sleep. 

  1. Put a huge mirror on the wall

Illusion is a lifesaver! If you put a mirror on your wall, you will feel like your space has been expanded to some extent. Even if it is just a reflection of the other side of the room, it will give you an experience of a wider space. Moreover, if you already have a mirror on the wall, you would not need to have another stand-alone dressing mirror around your space.

  1. Choose a sliding door

A small bedroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can make your small bedroom look and feel bigger with some changes. You can minimize clutter by using extra hanging space. You can install built-in cabinets and smaller air conditioners. You can also consider replacing your bulky, old, hinged door with a sliding door. 

Hinged doors are an enemy to a tiny space. These types of doors will require so much space for them to swing open. In contrast, a sliding door will not need that space at all. It will operate sideways. You will benefit from the space it will spare. Moreover, if you want to have a more spacious feeling, you can also choose a transparent sliding door. The one where you can still gaze at what is outside. In this way, you will not feel that you are stuck in a tiny room. Hence, it will give you a more safe and comfortable feeling.

  1. Install shelves in the perimeter of your small bedroom

If you are the type of person who gets easily stressed when you see your books just in the corner of your bedroom, well, you should install a shelf in the perimeter of your room. This will allow you to organize your space more efficiently and put your stressors out of your gaze. When you put tiny stuff on the shelves which you cannot easily gaze at, it will eliminate unnecessary stresses in your daily lives. Remember that a life with so many stressors will never be comfortable no matter how spacious your personal space is. So be wise and put those stuff on shelves. But since you have a small room, shelves are installed on the upper portion of the wall.  

  1. Dedicate a small space for your working area

You do not have to dedicate a huge space for your study or work area. Remember that your bedroom is not meant to be a place for study or work. But if it is not avoidable, do not compromise your comfortability. Just choose a certain and small corner of your room where you can put a small study table and a chair. These will already suffice. There is no need for extra cabinets and other stuff that will only look stressful and messy. You do not want to find yourself looking at that work-related stuff messing around a large area in your room in the middle of the night. 

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In a Nutshell

Having a small room should not be a hindrance for you to be comfortable in your own bed space. Simply choosing the right appliances, customizing your bed, cooling pillow and building your shelves will help. The extra tips that we have given you will help you find the comfort that you need if done strategically. Keep things simple and functional without necessarily building up huge cabinets that will consume almost all of your space. Remember that your bedroom should be a space to rest and free your mind from all the worries during the day.

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