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First Time Home Buyer: Common Design Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

Home & GardenFirst Time Home Buyer: Common Design Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

Purchasing a home for the first time can be one of the most exciting and overwhelming feelings most home buyers experience. In addition to buying the home, most buyers do their best to make improvements by designing and decorating both parts of your house. Doing so can make their house feel homier and more comfortable based on their preferences. 

Common Design Mistakes

The finishing touches make your first home purchase feel even more like home. This means the designing and decoration part of the process. When it comes to this part, there are a lot of uncertainties that might come along the way. For example, how will you make the space look great while demonstrating or mirroring your sense of style? 

If you still don’t know what type of home design you want, you can check out several websites, such as display homes by New Generation Homes, for inspiration. However, it’s vital to remember that first-time homebuyers often commit some design mistakes they regret in the long run. To help you avoid doing the same thing, here are common design mistakes you should consider:

Too Big of a Project

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you decide to work on the design of your new home all at once. To avoid this, you can attend to one room at a time. Moreover, it would be best to make a plan or list highlighting your entire project to help you keep on track.

Buying Furniture in Advance

It’s recommended not to fill the space in your home immediately and rush into purchasing furniture. Instead, it would be best to spend time in your newly purchased home first and determine the home flows and functions. Doing so is beneficial since it can help you avoid making costly purchases that you might regret later on.

It’s essential to fill your home with décor, arts, and furniture to fill the space over time and not right away. If you do this, the items you purchase will have more meaning. In addition, it can also help you avoid cluttering your home space.

Forcing Old Furniture and Decorations

This factor is a pretty common mistake not only for first-time home buyers. When transferring to a new home, most people reuse items and do their best to place them in their new space. However, this sometimes doesn’t work well due to color, proportion, size, etc. Thus, no matter how much you love that specific item, it might be best to let it go if it doesn’t work with your new home aesthetic.

Furniture That Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle

As they say, “home is where the heart is.” This means that it reflects who you are as an individual. Furthermore, it would be best to decorate efficiently by buying furniture that fits your lifestyle.

For example, if you’re the type who likes to have movie nights and eat popcorn or any snacks on your couch, then placing an easy-to-clean and durable couch in your living room might be best. In addition, you should also remember that aesthetics also follow convenience when it comes to home design.

Paint Trends Instead of Personal Preference

Every year, paint color trends tend to change. Optimal colors in your wall can help enhance your living environment and enable you to act, feel, learn, heal, and think at your best. In addition, it’s vital to remember that when it comes to choosing your paint colors, it’s best to follow your preference or intuition rather than the influence you see from outside sources.  

Failing to Test Out Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color can be challenging since there’s a significant possibility that the undertone in the paint color will change once it gets on the wall. This means that it can be different from the small sample you got to look at. Thus, it would be best to test out paint colors on the wall or even just a foam board before you decide on it.

DIY Before Consulting a Designer

Before you start any home design project on your own, it’s recommended to consult a designer. Unfortunately, most first-time home buyers commit this mistake by starting a bathroom or kitchen remodel by talking to a contractor without considering the design elements. Thus, it would be best to talk to a designer first in order to ensure that your needs and style will be highlighted in the project.

Losing Sight of the Big Picture

You will undoubtedly commit this mistake if you rush the process. As mentioned earlier, designing your home can be overwhelming, and most people tend to do it quickly without thinking about the big picture. Thus, taking it slow and preparing an overall plan and budget before making any significant changes in your new home is recommended.

To Sum It Up

Designing your house as a first-time buyer is one of the best parts. Finally, you can own a space that you can freely design to reflect your personality and call your house a home. However, to avoid any regrets, in the long run, it would be best to consider the common design mistakes first-time home buyers tend to commit.

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