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6 Essential Things to take a note of before Hiring a Company Registration Consultant

Top Stories6 Essential Things to take a note of before Hiring a Company Registration Consultant

In India, company registration is one of the most important yet underrated aspects of forming a startup. While most of us are already aware of the tax and reputation related benefits it exhibits, procrastination ends up outweighing our willingness to register the company, as a part of the official financial hierarchy.

However, every company registration service isn’t the same, and therefore, it is more than important to hire a company registration consultant to make the process more transparent and productive for the concerned firms.

Why company registration consultation is necessary?

Incorporating a company depends on how you want the same to be structured, depending on the number of employees, directors, and other representatives associated with the process. A company registration consultant  can therefore guide you through the process by suggesting the best form of registration as per your organizational structure. Be it registering a PLC, LLP, or a standard private limited company with a minimum of two members, a consultant makes you understand the processes in detail while assisting you with document procurement.

How to select the perfect consultant?

Before you can even zero in on a consultant for company registration, it is necessary to take note of certain essential aspects, including word-of-mouth reviews, testimonials, and more. Besides, you also need to take note of the more important factors, including:


As a matter of fact, you need to take a closer look at how the consultant operates before you can even compare and contrast the associated services. The modus operandi allows you to get a better picture of the expertise, which can play a major role in determining the brevity of the selections. Another approach here is to look at the case studies which represent the type of solutions offered and problems dealt with by the consultant, in due course.


Before finalizing the consultant, you need to assess the timeframe promised by the same and compare the same with other selections. If you are pressed for time and want quicker registrations, it is always advisable to opt for the one taking the least amount of time.


While the speed of registration is an important metric, you should also take the costing into account. A new company hardly has the fortune to spare and this is where it becomes all the more important to opt for affordable services. However, a good ballpark would be to find the perfect balance between pace and pricing, before taking the final call.

Knowledge Base

Every company is different and therefore, it is necessary to opt for consultants that offer curated expertise related to company registration. In case you want to select the best in the business, it is necessary to see whether the consultant is well-aware of the nooks and crannies of myriad registration types. Once it is an extensive service set is validated, you can research further to analyze the specialty of the concerned service provider.

The approach towards Tax Liability

A majority of companies prefer getting registered to lower their tax-specific liabilities. Therefore, before selecting the consultant, it is necessary to understand its approach towards the associated benefits and how the experts are planning to save taxes and induce better financial gains for your company.

Name Suggestions

A credible registration consultation also helps you ascertain the company name by adhering to the RUN guidelines. Once you have a service provider to rely on, it becomes easier to streamline the name generation process and get the same registered as per the set MCA guidelines.

Are there other aspects to look at?

In addition to the mentioned factors, you must also cross-check the financial know-how of the consultant before proceeding. As a majority of company registration initiatives are targeted towards loans and account creation, the consultant must be aware of the relevant financial conditions.

Besides, you must also ensure that the consultant has a team of administrative and legal experts that can protect you from limited liability and legal constraints, in case the business runs into any kind of trouble. Overall, you must select a company registration consultant by looking at the past reviews, user testimonials, and service rates.

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