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7 Career Benefits of Speaking English

Lifestyle7 Career Benefits of Speaking English

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Career Benefits of Speaking English

  • Increase your Chances in Getting a Job
  • Keep Your Brain Sharp
  • Boost Your Earning Power 
  • Ease Your Travel Experience  
  • Improve Communication Skills and Build Confidence
  • Increase Promotion Opportunities at Work
  • Immigration Benefits

English is a universal language. It is the world’s second largest native language, spoken by 20% of the world’s population. It is the official language in 70 countries. 

English can be understood almost everywhere among scholars and educated people. It is the language of technology, media, science, cinema, internet, etc. People all over the world know many English words. English fluency is a must in many jobs and those entering the workforce with English as second language expected an additional pay bump. 

It’s certainly a useful skill to possess English in the working world. A recent research has shown that about two thirds of learners in global markets are learning English in order to apply for jobs in their country or overseas. However, there are other ways English may help your career. Alsun Translation office in Dubai will help you find out how English fluency can improve your career. 

1. Increase your Chances in Getting a Job

Being able to speak English helps you get a good job in your country or abroad.  Many companies list speaking English language as a requirement. A recent LinkedIn survey revealed that 90% of HR Directors and CEOs claimed that having English-speaking employees is beneficial to their businesses. Your job market will broaden, as international companies seek to hire employees regardless of geographical location, provided that they speak English. Being bilingual helps you understand the needs of global customers.

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2. Keep Your Brain Sharp

Learning English keeps your brain active. A study reveals that human brain changes electrical activity and size when learning a new language. When you decide to learn English, you will be better at remembering things, think critically, and have greater ability to focus. In general, being bilingual opens one’s mind to other cultures and societies, thus boost your brain power. 

Speaking English and other languages increase keep your brain sharp and enhance thinking. “Multilinguals are better at making rational decisions in the second language,” says Antonella Sorace, Professor of Development Linguistics at Edinburgh University. 

3. Boost Your Earning Power

Being a bilingual increase your chance to join Higher paying jobs, especially if you speak English in addition to your native language. The gains from speaking English as a second language is undoubtedly worth the time and effort you spent learning it.

Speaking English will significantly boosts your hiring potential and accordingly your earnings. 

4. Ease Your Travel Experience  

In most airports around the world, the second language besides the native one will always be English. If you think English is only used in places like the United States and United Kingdom, well that is wrong! There are about 70 English-speaking countries around the world. 

If your job requires traveling, being able to speak the universal language will allow you to travel to any place in the world. Let us take a look at some of the destinations around the world where you can benefit of speaking English:

  • Australia
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • Jamaica
  • New Zealand
  • UAE
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

5. Improve Communication Skills and Build Confidence

 If you are surrounded by English speakers in your job environment, speaking English will allow you communicate clearly with them and build relationships with those around and that will benefit you career.

Moreover, speaking English helps you build your confidence which will reflect positively on your career.

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6. Increase Promotion Opportunities at Work

One benefit of speaking English is you will be more likely to get promoted. Not speaking a second language may actually become an impediment to careers. Andrew Hill, Associate and Management Editor at the Financial Times, claims there is scientific research, “Indicating that multilinguals are more agile; that they have more capability of dealing with multiple tasks.” Bilingual employee may be able to communicate effectively with others inside work environment.  Also, speaking English enhances negotiation skills. This may be useful in roles which require negotiations on agreements and contracts.

7. Immigration Benefits

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada or United States, to become a citizen, you must pass an English test. Also, in order to be able to live there you need to speak English to deal with daily challenges. 

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