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7 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Rented Space

Top Stories7 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Rented Space

Rented space has multiple benefits that most tenants tend to overlook. Top on the list is that you get to decorate your room to suit your taste and give it a fresh new look.  In California, most Berkeley apartments are designed with creativity and spacious styles that fit different homeowners but also give the tenant freedom in decorating the apartment based on their preference.

Read on for some of the most creative ideas on how to decorate your rented space.

  1. Find a Place For Everything 

Locate the items you use every day and find a permanent spot for them, just like the New York interior design. Leaving them lying around will only be disastrous since it will take up all the extra space meant for other uses.

Purchase baskets or random containers where each of these items could go when you’re through with them. Better yet, put your creativity cap on and make one for yourself.

You could label each one of them to avoid getting them mixed up. For instance, have a basket where you place coats and purses when you come in. This will lessen the mess that comes along with things being strewn all over.

Have another basket for the hats and maybe scarves. This method works especially for those whose rented space is a bit too tiny to accommodate all their items. Have a clear strategy on where you’d want the baskets to be.

  1. Get a Colorful Wallpaper

Get rid of the drab and boring look by making use of colorful and removable wallpaper. Place it only in strategic places rather than covering up the entire apartment with it.

Don’t settle for just one wallpaper; try different ones for long until you can finally settle for the right one. As much as possible, only give the lighter colors a chance since they are known to attract light into your rooms.

Ransack the internet for various wallpaper designs and see the one that works for your rented space. Stick them out in ways that would make your space stand out.  

However, what works for one room will not always work for every room in your house. Try different wallpapers for every space and see what fits perfectly.

  1. Pay Attention to The Key Areas

In every home, there has to be something that contributes to the level of warmth available. Rugs are the best when it comes to giving a house a homely atmosphere. Next to rugs are pieces of artwork, as well as the potted plants.

Investing in all these areas is a sure way to add more zest to every corner of your rented space. Shopping for rugs has never been an easy task, especially when you are unaware of the formula to use. 

Always go for neutral colors that will not clash with the theme color in your home. Potted plants are just as important since they have a way of breathing life into an otherwise wasted space.

Do your research thoroughly since there are many different plants to choose from. Besides giving much-needed color to your home, plants also have a special way of cleaning up your home’s atmosphere and keeping it purified.

As for the artwork, you may not be as free to put your art wherever you’d like, but there are plenty of ways to fix that. One way to do this is by making full use of the picture rail originally placed at its current position by the landlord/lady.

  1. Artificial Grass

This always does the trick if you’re looking to make your backyard more decent yet so lively. Identify the crucial spots that would accommodate the artificial grass so perfectly.

Besides, artificial grass is a wonderful idea that helps get rid of unremovable stains on the floor of your balcony. It also gives a pleasant and wonderful sight to behold and creates an atmosphere of peace, calm, and relaxation.

  1. Get Some Lively Curtains

This idea works if you moved into a fully furnished apartment. Curtains wield power to either make your room lively or even dull. It’s entirely up to you to pick the brightest curtains that would usher in the rays of the sun on a beautiful day.

Nowadays, most of the shopping activities happen virtually. Go online and look around for curtains that would give life to every corner of your rented space. Most importantly, know-how and where to have them installed.

Follow up on the care and maintenance practices once you land the curtains of your dreams. Drop the blinds as they would only make matters worse and promote an air of depression and gloom around your home.

  1. Improve On The Lighting

Rented space requires you to make the most out of every coin you pay as rent. Invest in lighting as it is one of the key ways to liven up the air in your home. The most exciting part of this is that there are plenty of lighting options for you to choose from.

The internet is flooded with myriads of lighting ideas for all kinds of residences, including the rental ones. Not all landlords are as lenient when it comes to creative lighting ideas.

Thanks to portable solutions, you can choose one or more from the ones that are at your disposal. There is a solution for every nook and cranny within your rental premises, including the backyard and balcony.

Floor lamps, lanterns, and lampstands are welcome options if you’re keen on preserving your landlord’s original lighting plan. Solicit for expert advice in case you get stranded along the way on which path to take.

  1. Give The Mirrors A Chance

The main purpose of including mirrors in your decoration plan is to add some zest and life to your walls. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit any plan that you may have with them.

Mirrors also have a way of giving your rooms a sense of style and elegance. However, you’ll have to ensure that they are well polished and clean at all times. Dirty mirrors are a complete turn-off, especially when you place them in areas such as the dining or living rooms.

Look for spaces that will accommodate them perfectly without making them look like a hindrance. What’s more, mirrors have the potential to make any room appear more spacious than they are.

You may also want to give the round mirrors a chance as they are known to resonate very well with style and elegance. 

Final Thoughts

Decorating a rental space can be fun, especially if you have a clue about what you’re doing. You’ll also need to pull off some creative stunts to make it a worthwhile venture.

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