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How to Choose The Perfect Mid-Century Dining Table

Home & GardenHow to Choose The Perfect Mid-Century Dining Table

Choosing the furniture and decor for your home can be an exciting yet daunting task. The different themes, styles, and colour options can be downright dizzying. These days, many consumers want to achieve a clean and modern look for their homes. They prefer furniture with simpler, more natural, and geometric features.

The style described above is known as the mid-century modern style. Popularised in the 1940s-60s and evolving out of the German Bauhaus style, mid-century modern style embraces organic shapes with an emphasis on function. For homeowners who enjoy minimalist design with a vintage feel, mid-century modern furniture perfectly fits their aesthetic sensibilities. 

Due to their recent rise in popularity, if you are looking to furnish your home with mid-century pieces, there are lots of options available on the market today. The centrepiece of any dining room or kitchen is likely to be the dining table. We will look at different mid-century dining tables and examine the best strategy for choosing one that is perfect for your home. But first, here’s some general advice about what to look for in a table.

What Should I Consider First When Choosing a Dining Table?

When choosing any furniture for your home, there are a few factors to consider. Perhaps you have already chosen the perfect style, but what about materials, colours, size, and budget, to mention a few? Before you begin to shop, it is wise to have some ideas in mind. We will explore a few of the most popular options to give you some inspiration before you shop.

Materials and Colours: What Is Popular?

When it comes to mid-century dining tables, there is an intriguing mix of traditional and modern materials. While wood is a common choice, especially for mid-century dining tables, metal, glass, and plastic are also frequently found. In addition, transparent materials such as Lucite and Plexiglass give mid-century dining tables a more futuristic edge.

As far as colours go, there is an array of choices. If you prefer a neutral look, subdued shades of grey-green, olive, and teal are popular mid-century colours. For a warmer feel, mustard yellow, bold red, and orange are good choices. Those with more daring tastes may prefer graphic designs in contrasting shades.

Dining Table Sizes: From Small Tables to 8-Seater Tables

Of course, the size of your table will depend on the size of your dining room or kitchen. You will also want to consider the size of your dining table and how it corresponds to your other furniture. Fortunately, mid-century dining room tables come in a variety of shapes. They range in size from small dining tables up to 8-seater dining tables. Several designs are also expandable, allowing you to adjust them to suit the occasion. 

We recommend choosing a table that allows for about 3 feet (or more) of space on all sides for maximum comfort. When choosing the shape of your table, it is a good idea to select something that fits the room. For example, a circular or square table will be the best fit in a square-shaped room.

Dining Table Prices: What Can I Afford?

Before you set out on your mission to find the perfect mid-century dining table, you should determine your budget. Mid-century dining tables come in a wide range of prices. The price depends mainly on the materials, intricacy of the design, and size.

Generally, tables with a simpler design and constructed from a single material will be more affordable. At the same time, spending a little more on a statement dining table can elevate an entire room. The best places to find authentic mid-century pieces at reasonable prices are second-hand shops and online stores.

What Is the Best Material for a Mid-Century Modern Dining Table?

Now that you are aware of some factors to consider when choosing your mid-century furniture, it’s time to narrow down the options. The most important choice will be the material. Determining the material will help you figure out your style and calculate your budget, as well. Let’s examine the different materials often used to construct mid-century dining tables and their advantages and disadvantages.

Wood Dining Tables

Wood is a popular material because it is available at a variety of price points. It is also versatile in its ability to appear classic, traditional, and modern—all at the same time. Wood is easy to repair and stands up to everyday wear and tear. When choosing a wooden table, the size and type of the wood itself will be the biggest influences on the final price. If you want a large table made out of the most durable wood, you should prepare to pay more.

Glass Dining Tables

Glass is commonly mixed into mid-century designs, especially dining tables. A glass tabletop provides a modern and organic quality. Likewise, the transparency of glass gives an aerier feel. On the other hand, the cleanliness of glass can be hard to maintain. It is also important to remember that glass is more fragile than other materials and can get chipped or scratched.

Metal Dining Tables

Metal is a diverse material. It can provide a durable, sturdy base for your mid-century dining table. Like glass, metal can easily show fingerprints and will rust if not meticulously cleaned and maintained. Finding a table constructed solely of metal is rare. However, when mixed with other materials, it can be a cheaper option.

Plastic/Lucite/Plexiglass Dining Tables

These dynamic materials can be incorporated into another core material and may reduce the overall price as a result. Their transparency and moldability help create a perfect modern dining table. One of the other advantages is that these materials are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and last for a long time. On the other hand, they tend to look cheaper than other materials since they are a less expensive option. 

Marble Dining Tables

One of the most popular options available is marble dining table sets. Marble dining tables and chairs add a touch of luxury and modernity to your dining room or kitchen. They usually have a marble top supported by wood or metal. With special care, these tables can be durable. However, repairs to marble tables can be expensive. Homeowners should be careful not to scratch them. Even sealed marble is susceptible to scratches. In addition, spills are absorbed quickly by marble, so they require immediate cleaning.

What Are the Signs of a Quality Dining Table?

Your dining table will be used several times a day by all of the members of your family. It’s the place where everyone will gather to share meals and create memories. Therefore, it needs to be durable, easy to clean, and attractive.

If you are a new homeowner or new to furniture shopping, you need to know how to choose a well-made dining table. That way, you are sure to get something at the right price that will last for years to come. There are some signs that consumers can look for that will immediately tell them whether the table is of high-quality craftsmanship or not.

Check the Joinery

One of the first things you can do when looking at a dining table is to examine the joinery. This means taking the time to closely inspect where the pieces join together. Good joinery is especially apparent on wooden tables. 

The base and tabletop should have a good, snug fit. Well-crafted joinery is a sign that the table will stand up to many uses and last for a long time. If bases, like a marble tabletop, are joined with many different pieces, it is more prone to becoming unstable and shaky.

Examine the Surfaces

If you are concerned about cleaning your table, you will want to find one with a smooth top surface. Tables with wide cracks or crevices become receptacles for crumbs and other debris. Such spaces will not be easy to clean. 

This same issue extends to expandable tables. It is better to buy tables that have a simple expansion design for the table leaves. When there are too many springs and levers involved, it creates more areas that can become dirty. Overly complicated mechanisms are also likely to malfunction.

Assess the Sturdiness

A table that feels weak or unstable is likely not well crafted. When deciding which mid-century dining table to buy, you should make sure it feels firm and has some heft. A table constructed of good, solid materials should feel that way.

Additionally, it is not a good sign if the table makes creaking or squeaking sounds when you touch or lift it. A well-built table should not have any parts that are moving around or rubbing together.

Are You Ready to Buy the Perfect Mid-Century Dining Table?

Now that you are an expert on mid-century modern dining tables and all that goes into their design, you can confidently buy your own. Whether inspired by vintage designs or modern ones, there is a table out there to fit all styles and budgets. Happy shopping!

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