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Top must-haves for buyers in Memphis, Tennessee

Home & GardenTop must-haves for buyers in Memphis, Tennessee

From Graceland to Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee truly is a historic area to live. The setting, nearby attractions, and rich music history draw in home buyers from all across the country.  While the local attractions may bring buyers into the city, it is the style and variety of homes that make them stay.  If you are considering selling your Memphis home in the near future here are a few must-haves for buyers.

Outdoor Living

One of the most popular home features for buyers is a covered area where they enjoy the outdoors. Backyard decks have always been popular, however, they have grown in popularity and value with an increase of 65% in resale value over the past two years.  In addition to a spot to sit and relax, buyers in Memphis, Tennessee are interested in really making the most out of their backyard.  Many homebuyers are searching for a yard that has an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, countertops, sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher.  Buyers also love outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, which have increased in value by 72% over the past two years.  Add a few seating areas, beautiful landscaping, and an outdoor TV to make the perfect backyard oasis. 

Neutral Colors

While you lived in your home you may have loved your bright purple living room wall but that is not what home buyers appreciate.  81% of interior design experts believe white and creams are the best color for selling a house.  Why?  Neutral colors create an inviting, comfortable, blank palette for buyers to envision themselves living in. Neutral colors are proven to assist in a quick home sale, which will work in your best interest especially if you are selling your home while buying another.  

Energy-efficient features

Aside from the style of your home, energy efficiency is a huge focal point for quite a few buyers.  Younger buyers are more interested in finding a home that will lower their utility costs and benefit the environment.  Items such as Energy Star-certified windows and appliances, energy-efficient lighting, and upgraded heating and cooling systems will catch the eye of many buyers.  


No, you can’t pick up your house and move it to a different location, but if you live in an area with superb schools or family-friendly neighborhoods you may want to advertise that when you are selling your home.  Young families are interested in neighborhoods that they can walk around and enjoy as well as suburban areas.  But if you live within the heart of Memphis, Tennessee your home’s proximity to the history and culture of the area may be a selling point for some buyers.  

You can’t go wrong with upgrading or marketing key features of your home that will attract buyers.  If you are not sure what upgrades to focus on or how to properly market your home, you should hire top real estate agents in Memphis, TN who can assist you in selling your home quickly and for a great price.  

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