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The Dangers of Postponing Roof Repairs in Rhode Island 

Home & GardenThe Dangers of Postponing Roof Repairs in Rhode Island 

So you think your roof needs some attention and it probably needs a decent amount of repair work. But repairing your roof seems like a major hassle and so expensive you would like to skip it. Which is why you are asking yourself, what is the big deal if I decide to keep putting off repairing my roof? How bad can it get anyway? Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that ignoring your roofing issues will not make them disappear and your roof will not get better on its own. In fact, the damage to your roof will only get worse and worse the more it is neglected.

Meaning, that postponing that much needed roof repair is only going to cause you more headaches, time, and worst yet, more money in the long run. Neglecting a damaged rooftop can lead to so much damage you can no longer fix it and lead you to need to spend a lot of money to replace your roof. And having to replace your roof is not even the worst consequence you might have to deal with.

What would really happen if I did not repair my roof?

Well, as mentioned above, the damage to your roof will continue to get worse over time. This would lead to more costly repairs and you would likely need to replace your roof much sooner than expected because of the damage. Weather events, like strong winds, hail, heavy rain, or snowfall can increase and speed up the damage to your roof. 

A damaged or weakened rooftop can also be at a much greater risk of partial or full roof collapse. This is not only an extremely costly outcome to repair, it also poses a real safety risk for you and your family. 

How often should I repair my roof?

Ideally, a roof in good condition should not need to be repaired all that often. Needing a minor repair or leak patched once every few years is one thing. But if you are finding yourself needing multiple repairs completed at one time or you are calling your roofer several times a year, it is time to stop the cycle of useless repairs and save yourself some time and money and replace your roof.

Is it worth it to repair my roof?

Maybe that is the answer. It will ultimately depend on the size of the repair needed and the overall condition of the rest of your roof. If a few shingles blow off in a strong windstorm or you have a small leak that can be patched, a repair might make the most sense right now.

However, if you are missing a bunch of shingles, or have leaks all over the roof, then it might be better to consider replacing your roof. 

How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?

The best way to tell if your roof needs to be replaced or if you can simply repair it is to consult a professional roofing contractor. A roofer will be able to tell the full scale of the damage to your rooftop and gauge what type of condition your entire roof is currently in. Once the roofer performs their inspection they will walk you through options for repair or replacement. That way you will be able to make an informed decision about how to move forward with addressing the issues with your roof. 

How can I tell if my roof has hail damage?

Hail can be a homeowner’s biggest enemy. And while you can easily look out your window to see how much hail damage your car has received, it is much more difficult to tell the extent of hail damage to your roof. And unless you have eagle eyes, or the damage is really extreme, you will not be able to spot hail damage from the ground.

And since climbing up on your roof and examining the condition of your roof yourself can be extremely dangerous, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. If a large hail storm rolls through town and leaves damage to your car or property, you could have reason to suspect that your roof is also damaged. In this case, you can call a local roofing contractor to come and inspect your roof or call your homeowner’s insurance company and they will send someone to do the inspection for you. The good news is that most homeowner insurance policies usually cover the cost of repairing hail damage.

What kind of roof damage will my insurance cover?

The amount and types of roofing damage that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of will vary from policy to policy. However, many homeowner insurance policies will cover a good deal of roofing damage, depending on how that damage occurs. The dwelling coverage clause, for example, typically covers things like fire, hail, damage caused by a tree falling on your home’s rooftop, or even strong wind damage. 

When it comes to things like a leak in your roof, your homeowner’s insurance may or may not have you covered. If your leak is caused by something covered in the dwelling coverage clause, then the leak repair would more than likely be taken care of by your insurance company. However, if your leaking roof is caused by something else, like neglect or a lack of maintenance, then you will find yourself having to cover the cost of the repairs on your own. More reasons not to ignore damage or a leak in your roof! 

Final thoughts on the dangers of postponing your roof repairs in Rhode Island

A leaky or damaged roof can be a real headache for you as a homeowner but ignoring these issues will increase the size of your problems and headache. It is always better to have a professional roofing contractor take care of roof repair and any minor roofing issues before things get out of hand. Save yourself some time and money and have your roof fixed now.

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