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8 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch To Get Inspired

Opinions8 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch To Get Inspired

The entrepreneurial journey is undoubtedly a tough one. It requires grit, determination, luck, and external support to ensure success. Most successful entrepreneurs undergo an entrepreneur assessment to understand which role will suit them best. Entrepreneurs also need inspiration post the personality test. Here are 8 movies every entrepreneur should watch to get inspired. 

  1. The Pursuit of Happyness
The Pursuit of Happyness – Sony Pictures

Based on a true story, this emotional movie strikes every entrepreneur in the heart. This movie describes the journey of a homeless Chris Gardner who undergoes an unpaid internship as a stockbroker. Despite all his friends and family rejecting him, he triumphs against all odds to provide the best for his son. This movie teaches entrepreneurs to never give up on their dreams despite how many failures they may endure.

  1. The Social Network
The Social Network – Wikipedia

If you are curious to understand the entrepreneurial journey of Mark Zuckerberg and how he became a titan in the social media industry, then this movie is for you. While we agree this movie might be a little dramatized, the key takeaway here is to be flexible, understand, and resilient to achieve your goals no matter how hard it may seem. 

  1. Pirates Of Silicon Valley
Pirates of Silicon Valley (TV Movie 1999) – IMDb

This all-time classic covers the journeys of top moguls Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. This movie shows the viewers their beginnings and how they reached the heights of success through rivalry, triumphs, and losses and their respective ideologies. This movie teaches young entrepreneurs to believe in their dreams to succeed. Many competitors may copy your ideas. It does not matter! What does matter is how you plan and execute your ideas. 

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street
The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie is controversial in many aspects, but it does give budding entrepreneurs an insight into the art of selling. It shows you the journey Jordan takes to get to the top. However, it also shows you what happens when fame and success get to your head, disrespecting your skill. The key takeaway from this movie? Entrepreneurs must be disciplined towards their trade.

  1. Office Space
Office Space – Wikipedia

Office Space takes a hilarious shot at employees working the 9 to 5 office life. Peter realizes he does not want to sit in an office cubicle and take orders from his creepy boss anymore. He decides to become an entrepreneur and launch a business! You will find inspiration through this movie as it will teach you how to think out of the box and make the best use out of your precious time.

  1. Moneyball
Moneyball (2011) – IMDb

While this movie revolves around baseball, you do not need to be a fan to enjoy this movie. Moneyball revolves around Billy, who despises the way the system operates. He challenges the system and, through innovation, changes how the game is played. Moneyball will teach you never to give up, be innovative and stick to your ideas.

  1. Jerry Maguire
Jerry Maguire (1996) – IMDb

Here, Jerry already has an existing business and a wonderful life. However, he realizes he is not happy and wants to make the world better and decides that earning money is not enough. He begins reciprocating to his customers by asking for feedback. He even loses everything despite being a better person. He does not give up on his dreams and stays resilient to be better than before. This movie teaches new entrepreneurs that losses do happen, you may even lose everything, but if you never give up, you can be successful again.

  1. Startup.Com
Startup.com (2001) – IMDb

To learn more about start-ups and the various ways you can fail despite the business idea being good, we recommend Startup.com. It dives into the story of a promising venture named GovWorks. Despite raising over $60 million in funding, it failed. The movie will offer you an insight into how business partnerships can turn into rivalries. It also teaches you to plan your business moves with caution.


In all of these movies, some of which are true stories, the characters have had to persevere to get to the top. Once you are inspired after watching these movies, we recommend an entrepreneur personality test. Through this test and SWOT analysis; you will gain in-depth knowledge about what kind of entrepreneur you can be.

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