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9 Best Gifts For Your Foodie Friends and Family

Opinions9 Best Gifts For Your Foodie Friends and Family

Being a great gift-giver is something that most of us aspire to. We all want our friends and family to think of us as generous, thoughtful people and absolutely make their day with our amazing gifts.

Some people are hard to shop for – maybe they have everything, maybe they’re just really fussy. But fortunately, there are some people in our lives who will be super happy with some very specific types of gifts. One type of person in this category is a  foodie. A passionate foodie will be thrilled with just about any type of food or drink related gift they can get their hands on. Here are a few ideas for really easy picks for the food lovers in your life. 

Coffee Gear

An easy foodie gift that will often be a good option for even those in your life who aren’t obsessive about food, is something coffee-related. If you know someone who can’t function without their morning cuppa and considers themselves a bit of a snob when it comes to the beans, you can’t go wrong getting them a new, exotic blend, a fancy plunger or even a flavoured syrup to add to their brew. 

If you want to splurge on a gift, purchasing the best home coffee machine in Australia is a quick way to make you someone’s new favourite person in the whole world. There is no doubt that the best automatic coffee machine will be a good choice for coffee lovers.

Their Favourite Wine and Cheese

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a cheese and wine tasting. A great gift idea is to buy your friend a ticket to a tasting event. You could grab tickets for you two to go together, or get them two tickets to take their partner.

If there aren’t any upcoming events you think they’ll like, you could build your own cheese platter for them. Buy a selection of cheeses, and an artisanal crusty loaf and pair it with their favourite bottle of red wine. You’ll be giving them a relaxing and delicious night in – they can enjoy their at-home cheese and wine after a soak in the tub. 

An avid cook will never ever say no to new tools and gadgets for their kitchen. You could grab them some really high-quality basics like salad or mixing bowls, serving spoons, serving dishes, oven gloves and kitchen towels, casserole dishes… You name it, they’ll appreciate it.

Snazzy Kitchen Equipment

You could also buy them something new and high-tech that they might not have, such as a mixer, air fryer, pressure cooker, or other useful pieces of kitchen equipment. This will make their time in the kitchen so much easier and open them up to new recipes. 

Exotic Ingredients

An adventurous chef will always be up for the challenge of a strange, exotic ingredient that they can experiment with. Explore some markets where you can find interesting bits and bobs for your friend’s pantry, or if you can’t find something, look online for food items you can order online. 

DIY Kits

There’s nothing much more fun to a food lover than experimenting in the kitchen and making something from scratch that they would usually buy at a store.

There are plenty of DIY kits on the market that give you the ingredients and tools to create some of your favourites right in your own kitchen. You could find a make-your-own sourdough kit, a beer brewing box, or even a DIY kit from their favourite restaurant – a delivery service that became super popular during the worst months of the pandemic. 

Foodie Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and there’s something for everyone. From sports fans to fantasy film fanatics, there are subscription boxes to satisfy every need or want. 

Naturally, food-related boxes are right up there with the most popular. Some boxes feature snacks from different countries, others supply you with a selection of interesting herbs and spices to try out in your own kitchen. Find a foodie box that will tickle your friend’s fancy and sign them up for a month or three. 

A Meal Out

Sometimes, a special meal out at one of the best restaurants around is the simplest way to make the foodie in your life as happy as a clam. Pick something really special – a new restaurant that’s opened up, a place they’ve been wanting to try, something that’s recently won an award… Whatever you decide will be a good option.

Tell them to get all dressed up and take them out for a gourmet spoil to celebrate whatever occasion is around the corner, or just because you care! 

Recipe Books

Another great option for an avid home-cook or budding chef is a recipe book. If you know the person well, try and grab a recipe book that’s specifically in line with their favourite cuisine or style of cooking. If you’re not too sure about their favourites, there are plenty of cookbooks that would make anyone happy.

Recipe books are the type of gift that keeps giving. Your friend will be able to expand their knowledge and skills in the kitchen, try out delicious new recipes whenever they feel like it and as a bonus, they’ll always be reminded of you when they’re cooking something from the book you gave them. 

Serving Dishes and Boards

If the foodie in your life is an entertainer, they probably host dinner parties and brunches on a weekly basis. Some people love cooking as a way to serve and treat those around them, and if your friend is one of these people, they’ll love extra pretty serving equipment. 

Wooden platter boards, extravagant dishes, snack bowls, serving spoons, dressing bottles and more – there are plenty of options that they could add to their arsenal when they’re cooking for guests.

As you can tell, when there’s someone in your life who is passionate about food and cooking, there are endless options for gifts that will make them absolutely jump for joy. No matter what you budget, you’ll certainly find something to make them feel special. 

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