Sunday, April 2, 2023

A person’s bac will go down if they:

Top StoriesA person's bac will go down if they:

Person’s bac will go down if they:

  1. drink coffee
  2. take a cold shower
  3. vomit
  4. none of the above

Answer: d. none of the above


A Person’s Bac Will Go Down If They Drink Coffee, Vomit, or Take Cold Showers:

Rumors are very common that if you drink coffee, vomit or take a cold shower, your blood alcohol level will go down. All three have no effect on your BAC.

If you have liver disease, there is only one way to get your BAC down. Most people think that coffee has an effect on the liver but it does not. Coffee is an energy drink and does not affect the liver but the brain.

Bathing with cold water has some negative effects on the body, scientists have proved it, but it does not affect blood alcohol concentration.

Same is for vomiting, it also does not work.

Therefore, none of these reduce your BAC, as is rumored. 

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