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All You Need To Know About The Canada Visitor Visa

TravelAll You Need To Know About The Canada Visitor Visa

As a nation, Canada has 50% of its territory covered with backwoods. It is thus not surprising that it shelters 1/10th of the total forest in the world. Canada is the second-largest nation and has abundant amazing scenic places and appealing sites to be explored by travelers. 

Canada has incredible natural wonders along with culturally rich and dynamic urban areas. If you wish to explore the nation, then you must first know about the Canada Visitor Visa. We have here compiled everything essential about the Canada Tourist Visa for Indians. 

If you are planning to visit Canada, the details presented here cover almost everything you need to know to plan your Canada Visit. 

Types of Canada Visa

You must first be aware of the type of Canada Visa that you need before filing the Visa application. Here are the major types of Canada Visas: 

Canada Visitor Visa

  • Arrive in Canada as a Provisional Resident 

Canada Student Visa 

  • Arrive and stay in Canada for pursuing your studies as an overseas student 

Canada Work Visa 

  • Arrive and stay in Canada for work for a fixed duration of time 

Canada Permanent Residence Visa 

  • Arrive and stay in Canada with the status of Permanent Resident but not as a Citizen of Canada 

Requirements for Canada Tourist Visa

  • You have to submit the following documents along with your Canada Visitor Visa application:  
  • Original Passport that has a validity of at least 6 months. There must be a minimum of 3 empty pages in the Passport. If there are any previous passports, they must also be submitted. 
  • Filled Canada Visitor Visa application with your signature 
  • Two latest color Passport size photos having dimensions of 35MMX45MM
  • Covering Letter that specifies the objective of your visit 
  • Original and latest Bank account statements having adequate bank balance for the past 6 months to demonstrate that you possess sufficient funds for your Canada Trip 
  • Form 16/Income Tax returns for past three years 
  • Supporting fiscal documents like Property Investments, Fixed Deposits, or any other documents for Investments 

Fees for Canada Visitor Visa 

The application fee for Canada Visitor Visa is CAD 100 per applicant. If you have to furnish the biometrics, you will have to make a payment of an extra CAD 85. This makes the total cost for this Visa application as CAD 185. 

Processing time for the Visa

The Canada Visitor Visa processing time can be around 8 to 40 days. But this can differ based on your circumstances and the nation of residence. 

Validity of the Visa

The Canada Tourist Visa validity is not uniform for all individuals. It differs depending on the circumstances. At times your Visa validity can be only for the time needed for your Canada visit. There are also possibilities wherein your Visa is valid till the time your Passport is valid. 

Irrespective of the validity of your visa, you are not permitted to remain in Canada exceeding 6 months in one go. You have to return to your nation of residence after 6 months and stay for some period. You can then again arrive in Canada and stay for 6 months. 

Canada Tourist Visa for Indians – Application Process 

Stage 1

Submitting an online Canada Tourist Visa application is easy offering you the following benefits: 

  • Nil fees for courier or time for mail delivery – your application is submitted instantly 
  • Applications submitted online are more swiftly processed 
  • Processing delays are avoided 
  • You are returned the applications if incomplete 
  • Online submission helps in ensuring a complete application before submission 
  • You can swiftly submit extra documents online if in case required 
  • Unless you are asked to do so, you need not submit your Passport 
  • You will receive the application status updates directly to your online account 

Stage 2 

The next step after submitting the online Visa application is providing your photo and fingerprints. 

In the majority of the cases, you will have to provide biometrics. You will be offered the letter asking you to submit your biometrics after you pay the required fees and submit your application. It will have details regarding the procedure and location for submitting the biometrics. 

You will have roughly 30 days for providing your in-person biometrics. The instruction letter will be sent to you only after payment of the biometrics fee. 

Stage 3 

Your Canada Visitor Visa application will be processed after the submission of biometrics. The application will be verified. If your documents are incomplete, the application will be returned to you unprocessed. 

You may also be instructed to attend an interview with Officers in your nation for offering extra details and undergoing a medical test. 

Your passport and attached original documents will be returned to you after processing your application. The Canada Tourist Visa will be affixed inside your passport if the application is accepted. The application will be returned to you if rejected. 

Stage 4  

The valid travel document and Tourist Visa do not confirm your entry to Canada. Your identity will be verified via fingerprints after arrival at a primary inspection kiosk. This is to ensure that you are the same individual who was authorized for Canada travel. 

Stage 5 

The Canada Border Services Officer can affix a stamp to your Passport or inform you regarding your duration of stay in Canada. This is if you fulfill the entry criteria and succeed in the identity verification. Usually, you are permitted to remain in Canada for a maximum of 6 months. 

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Travel Insurance 

Canada Visitor Visa and Travel Insurance are the two crucial requirements for your Canada immigration. Visa is for entry and insurance for staying there safe and free of stress. 

Several things can go haywire when you are overseas in a new nation irrespective of your cautious planning. Travel Insurance offers you security over unexpected risks and medical expenses. It also covers associated travel risks you can face specifically when you are in an unknown nation away from home. 

Travel insurance offers you fiscal support when you are traveling overseas. This is in case of sudden illness or mishaps or severe crisis. It makes the entire experience less traumatic. You are offered safety in diverse circumstances such as: 

  • Securing your baggage from being lost or stolen 
  • In case of any medical support, big holes will not be made in your pocket 
  • All you need is to file a claim and obtain the assistance 
  • Insurance will also take care of personal accidents if any 
  • Flights getting delayed or canceled for various reasons will also be taken care 

What are you waiting for now after knowing everything required for your Canada Trip? 

Nationwide Visas will assist in making your complete process easy through a planned and customized Canada Visit. Your Canada immigration through the Canada Visitor Visa will be fully hassle-free through our expert guidance. Get in touch with us for all your Canada Tourist visa requirements. 

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