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How To Visit The Canary Islands From $486 Round-trip

TravelHow To Visit The Canary Islands From $486 Round-trip

The Canary Islands are a group of seven Spanish islands located off the coast of Africa. The islands are known for their beautiful beaches, unique landscapes and mild year-round climate. Making them a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Each of the seven islands has its own distinct character and attractions. Tenerife, the largest and most popular island it is known for it’s vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches and natural beauty. Gran Canaria offers diverse landscapes, including beaches, mountains and sand dunes. Lanzarote is famous for it’s unique volcanic landscapes, While Fuerteventura is known for it’s long stretches of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Other islands in the group include La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera each with their own unique attractions and experiences. The Canary Islands are also known for their cultural heritage, including historic districts, museums and festivals.

In addition to it’s natural beauty and cultural attractions, the Canary Islands offer a range of activities for visitors, including water sports, hiking and cycling. The islands are also a popular destination for wellness tourism, with a range of spas and wellness retreats.

Visit The Canary Islands From $486 Round-trip

Visiting the Canary Islands can be affordable if you plan ahead and look for deals on flights and accommodation. As mentioned earlier, flights to the Canary Islands can cost as little as $486 round-trip if you search for deals and book in advance.

To find the best deals on flights. It’s recommended to use online travel agencies or flight search engines like Expedia, Skyscanner or Kayak. You can set up alerts to get notified when prices drop or search for flights during the low season when prices tend to be lower.

Accommodation can also be affordable in the Canary Islands, especially if you stay in self-catering apartments or hostels. Some islands also have camping options for those looking for a more budget-friendly option.

To save money on food and drinks. It’s recommended to eat where the locals eat and look for happy hour deals or specials. You can also save money by taking advantage of free attractions and exploring the islands on foot or by public transport.

With some research and planning. It’s possible to visit the Canary Islands from $486 round-trip and enjoy all the islands have to offer without breaking the bank.

How Much Does It Cost in Canary islands?

How Much Does It Cost in Canary islands

Flights: The cost of flights to the Canary Islands can vary greatly depending on the departure airport, airline and time of year. A round-trip ticket from Europe to the Canary Islands can cost between €50-200. While a ticket from the United States can range from $500-$1000.

Accommodation: The cost of accommodation in the Canary Islands can vary depending on the type of accommodation and location. On average, a night in a budget hotel or hostel can cost between €20-50. While a mid-range hotel can cost between €50-100 per night. Luxury hotels and resorts can cost upwards of €200 per night.

Food and drink: The cost of food and drink in the Canary Islands is generally reasonable. With local restaurants and cafes offering affordable options. On average, a meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost between €15-30 while a beer or glass of wine can cost between €2-5.

Activities and attractions: The cost in the Canary Islands can vary greatly depending on what you choose to do. Many outdoor activities. Like hiking and exploring national parks, are free. And activities such as water sports, guided tours and theme parks can range from €10-50 per person.

A budget traveler can expect to spend around €50-70 per day. While a mid-range traveler can expect to spend around €100-150 per day. Luxury travelers can expect to spend upwards of €200 per day. It’s important to keep in mind that these are estimated costs and can vary greatly depending on individual travel preferences and choices.


The Canary Islands offer a diverse range of experiences for travelers from stunning beaches to unique landscapes and cultural attractions. With a variety of best islands to choose from visitors can explore everything from the lively nightlife of Tenerife to the natural beauty of La Palma. By following the tips for finding affordable flights and budgeting for additional expenses. Visitors can enjoy all that the Islands have to offer without breaking the bank. In the end, the Islands are a great destination for anyone looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure in a beautiful setting.

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