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Are Job Posting Sites The Best Way to Find Good Employees?

ManagementAre Job Posting Sites The Best Way to Find Good Employees?

Employers are gradually shifting to the digital atmosphere when it comes to hiring. The traditional methods of publishing job posts in newspapers, magazines, and other analog platforms are not as fast or effective as the other modern ways of reaching out to potential employees. This is where job posting sites come in. These types of platforms are largely effective when it comes to recruiting new workers. Nonetheless, they have their shortcomings. We will touch on both the merits and demerits of employers choosing to utilize job posting sites while hiring.


Multiple Job Openings Can Be Managed At Once

A few years back, hiring was a rather expensive process. The budget to push out ads on newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TVs was just massive. This meant that companies could not make as many adverts as they would have wanted. Job openings for simple tasks would usually be done by word of mouth to cut costs. The only openings that would be considered for paid adverts were those of sophisticated vacancies that required highly skilled labor that was hard to come by through word of mouth.

With the top job sites for recruiters, a firm will comfortably dish out numerous job vacancies at once without worrying about spending too much money on such an undertaking. All they will have to do is compile pre-application screening questions according to the open posts and quickly publish the job posts.

Automation of Some of the Hiring Tasks

Most job posting sites have integrated applicant tracking systems (ATSs). These add-ins help employers quickly screen applicants’ resumes to hasten the hiring process. When these software programs are presented with resumes, they quickly scan through the documents, looking for the relevant keywords with regard to the job post at hand. The resumes that bear the predetermined keywords are singled out and shortlisted, while those that do not bear those keywords are discarded. This process will take a long time if it were to be done manually and if hundreds if not thousands of applicants are involved.

Singling Out the Best-Fit Employees Becomes Easy

Most job posting sites offer advanced filtering and searching features. When posting a job, one will be directed to a section where they will choose categorized skillsets where that particular job posting best fits. This is important since these are the same filters that potential employees will use while trying to narrow down the jobs they qualify for or are interested in.

The sites also come with candidate management tools. Nowadays, these tools exploit artificial intelligence’s might, helping prioritize, filter, and contact potential employees. With little effort from your end, the filters can also categorize shortlisted candidates in terms of their education level if such an aspect is crucial for that particular job post.


The job posting platforms will usually be complemented with an app. This means that the employer can easily create a job posting on the go from a mobile device, and an applicant can equally apply with the same ease. Those sites without apps will usually be designed in such a way that they are easily accessible through mobile browsers in a way that they will not overload slow or smaller devices.


As much as these job posting sites offer convenience when it comes to connecting employers to potential employees, sometimes they could slap employers with huge fees. This can be quite challenging for start-up companies that do have huge budgets to operate on. Some important features will often be pushed to the premium packages that will force one to pay in order to be granted access. The limitations may be in the form of the number of job posts, the number of applicants who can see your posts, or even the ease of communication with potential employees. These costs might also be extended to the people looking for jobs, meaning that your job posting may not be reaching a wide enough pool of talents on the platform.

Temporary Job Post Limitations

Job postings on some of these platforms are only allowed to stay live for a certain period of time, usually one month. You will then be required to create yet another job post if the first one did not succeed in getting you a qualified candidate. While this move may be seen to counter irrelevant and outdated job posts, it only acts as a burden for those people posting highly specialized jobs whose skillset is hard to come by.

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