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Astraphobia and It’s Impact on Daily Routine

HealthAstraphobia and It's Impact on Daily Routine

Astraphobia is a phobia which is featured by an adverse state of fear caused by lighting and thunder. It causes an impact on individuals of all age groups though it most probably hit kids and youngsters. This kind of phobia can also be observed in animals.

Most of the kids who retains this kind of fear generally outgrow it, but still, there are others who frequently witness this phobia as they reach their adulthood. Astraphobia can affect adults who didn’t have its signs in childhood

Being hit by storms or while preparing for adverse climatic conditions can make higher levels of anxiety and fear. In individuals who are suffering from the condition of Astraphobia, a thunderstorm can lead to extreme responses that could be overwhelming. For instance, with this sort of phobia, they may feel debilitating.

The condition of astraphobia is also termed as keraunophobia, tonitrophobia, astrapophobia, brontophobia.

Signs of astraphobia

 In individuals who do not suffer from this phobia, news of striking storm can result in cancelling outdoor vacations and plans or if the individual figures out that lighting storm they sear h for shelter. Even when the opportunity of being harmed by lightning is very low. All these results in improper response to dangerous circumstances, for which you can order Xanax from online in the USA.

An individual suffering from the condition of Astro phobia will respond that goes much adverse than the above mentioned. They witness panic strokes before or while being in a storm. These feelings and emotions can outgrow into a full-fledged panic stroke and consist of signs like.

  • Pain in chest
  • Feeling numb
  • Vomiting
  • Shaking and trembling
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Finding it hard to breathe

Other signs of the condition of astraphobia include the following:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Increasing pulse rate
  • Obsession towards storms
  • The urge to escape storms and hid under beds in wardrobes or in bathrooms
  • Hiding behind others for security towards storms
  • Unmanageable crying especially in kids

The individual may acknowledge that these reactions are illogical and inappropriate but can’t stop them, for which you can order Xanax from online in the USA. More so, to deal with chronic insomnia related to anxiety, buy sleeping pills online in the USA at affordable prices.

These signs can be provoked by hearing or reading the weather forecast, discussions about storms and sounds lime clap of thunder. Seeing an nd hearing thunder and lighting like sounds may also provoke the signs.

Risk factors of astraphobia

Most of the individuals are at a great risk of acquiring astraphobia. From childhood, the risk elements can persist. Storms can be particularly threatening for children this threat and fear can stay in as they increase in age.

Most of the kids suffering from autism and sensory procedure disorder like auditory processing disorder may find it difficult to manage their feelings while being in storm as they are highly sensitive towards sounds, to eliminate signs and symptoms of fear of lightening lightening and storm that is astraphobia you can order Xanax from online in the USA from your meds, which is a very effective medication.

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