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Custom Lip Gloss Packaging – To Emboss or Deboss

Top StoriesCustom Lip Gloss Packaging - To Emboss or Deboss

If you want your creative custom lip gloss packaging to exude quality, then finishing your boxes with an embossed or debossed logo or design could be the answer.

These debossing and debossing finish processes create a three-dimensional image or design that gives real texture to the chosen custom lip gloss packaging boxes. Both methods involve making a metal plate and counter. The plate is mounted onto a printing press, and the paper is stamped between the plate and counter. Embossing technique creates a raised impression which pushes the image above the level of the article. However, debossing is quite the opposite effect. Debossing creates a depressed impression on the boxes for lip gloss which pushes the image below the level of the paper.

Generally speaking, embossing is the process that is most often selected, although both techniques are considered to be the great ways for drawing consumers’ attention. Embossing and debossing convey a high quality textural contrast – and worth considering for your next luxury creative lip gloss packaging piece. 

Embossing on Lip Gloss Packaging Boxes

Embossing is an artistic technique. It creates a pattern on a material such as paper, or boxes for lip gloss. Embossing involves the creation of an impression by placing the dies in contact with the boxes under high pressure. This process gives your lip gloss packaging a unique look and texture. 

What is Engraving?

Engraving is an incision of a design onto a hard, usually flat surface by cutting grooves into it with a burin. Engraving is the method used exclusively for our glass and wood pieces.

Another form of embossing is hot foil stamping. It uses dried pigments that come on rolls of “foil“. It appears very much like letterpress and can also be created with or without color. A special press uses heat and high pressure to transfer the pigments onto the surface of a product via a custom die. 

An Overview of Letterpress

The letterpress uses liquid ink and is much more costly. The main advantage of embossing, aside from cost, is that it can be added to pre-made products, such as those in the lip gloss packaging line. A logo die is stamped directly onto the product (such as a lid on a box or folded welcome folder), whereas a letterpress can only be used on flat sheets before product production. This means that we can add hot foil stamping to virtually any packaging product offered in the Paper Shop!

What is Debossing?

Debossing is the reverse of embossing. An image such as a brand’s logo, title, or any other packaging design is heat-pressed into the surface of the paper. A heated die does this. It creates depressions rather than raised impressions as in embossing technique. Packaging Republic uses various types of debossing techniques. 

Blind deboss is used with either screen-printing or foil stamping. In screen processing, the design is first printed onto the material, and then the outline of the print is debossed by using a die exactly registered to the silkscreen print. In the foil stamping, the foil is transferred to the box using a special die. The same die is used to deboss the area. No matter which finishing technique you choose, all of these options can bring an attractive impact on the packaging boxes. 

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