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Five Reasons to Invest in an Email Management Program

MarketingFive Reasons to Invest in an Email Management Program

How many hours do you lose to your inbox each day? Do you feel overwhelmed by the large volume of emails you receive each week? Have you ever wished for a clone to help you catch up on the backlog of messages waiting in your inbox? Is it a struggle to keep all the members of your business team up to date on the status of various projects? If any of these questions feel familiar, here are 5 reasons why an email management program may be the answer you need!

1. See All Your Email Accounts in One Place

The average person has two personal email accounts. But businesses usually have far more accounts dedicated to various aspects of their customer-facing services. Logging in and out of each account individually is a waste of time and makes it more difficult to create a streamlined experience for yourself or your customers. And, if you have multiple members of your team who collaborate on projects, a shared inbox is a great way to keep everyone on the same page.

When you create a unified inbox through your email management program, you can keep track of all your emails in one place. And, you can still respond to messages using whichever linked email account is appropriate. This makes things easier and saves time for more important tasks, increasing your productivity overall.

2. More Complete Client Records at a Glance

How many times have you had to communicate with a business about an issue, only to have to open a new ticket? Did you find it frustrating to get a whole new person up to speed and resolve the problem? Your clients have the same frustration.

An email management program makes it simple to quickly find all the email history for a specific client. This helps your staff, regardless of department, provide great customer service and stay up-to-date on developments. That kind of service stands out and grows client loyalty.

Consolidating your business email accounts can also help you develop stronger client profiles and better understand the overall trends of your client accounts. Are you seeing trends in customers’ service experiences? Is there a specific client who regularly has problems with different departments and is requiring more resources than most? Is this complaint associated with a new or longstanding issue, and if it’s an old issue, what solutions have already been tried?

3. Save Time with Response Templates

Your business probably receives the same questions, over and over, from different clients. Why waste time writing an original email each time? Having canned responses or templates can make responding to initial inquiries a breeze for your support staff in many situations:

  • A closed/resolved issue
  • Links to help articles for initial troubleshooting
  • Shipping, refund, and status updates
  • Requests for additional time
  • Confirmation emails 

When deciding what kinds of templates to create, always look first at the types of messages you must send out most frequently. And, when possible, build into the template easy opportunities for personalization so the customer still feels like they are getting individual attention.

4. Use AI to Automate Your Workflow

Make it easier to work by delegating your email organization to an email management program’s AI. It’s like having an extra staff member dedicated to keeping your inbox tidy and your business departments working in sync. You already know your email management system can filter out messages that aren’t relevant to your operations. But did you know you can also set it to organize your important emails for your staff?

When you choose an email management system with the ability to assign support ticket IDs, you can track customer service issues and make sure they get resolved promptly. Some tools will even help you manage your workers’ open ticket loads equally so no one gets overwhelmed, and prioritize them based on your chosen criteria.

5. Use Analytics and Reports to Improve

Discover how your workers’ email time is being spent. Using your email management software’s analytics and reports makes it easy to see at a glance how well aspects of your business email are performing.

Are there certain tasks that are draining your workers’ time? What projects are getting resolved quickly? Do you have a staff that consistently performs quickly and gets great feedback? This information helps you quickly identify where you can work with your staff to improve the process and innovate better solutions for your customers.

When your email management software helps your business operate like a well-oiled machine, it’s easy to see the benefits. Your workers can finally focus on higher priority tasks. Projects are completed more efficiently. And your customers have better experiences, increasing their loyalty and your referrals.

Together, it develops a solid foundation for you to have a scalable business system, enabling you to grow your business with repeatable successes.

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