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The origin of the word ‘translation’ is supposed to be a Latin term which means “to bring or carry across”. The Ancient Greek term is also assumed to be its origin that is  ‘metaphrasis’ which means “to speak across” it transformed into the term ‘metaphrase’  which means a “word-for-word translation”. These terms show how old the transition is.

Buddhist monks used to translate Indian documents into Chinese. Ancient Greek literary works were also translated by Roman poets. Since the 18th century, transition services are benefitting business on an international level.

Importance of translation services 

Transliteration has been a great demand whether it be for emotional, trade, or survival purposes since the earliest days of human dealings. This need is continuously developing and is getting more and more vital than ever. No doubt the Industrial Revolution added a lot to economic development and produced the potential for global success. To expand businesses internationally or to penetrate in foreign markets without the translation of marketing stuff and business documents is not possible.it’s a fact that the internet has revolutionized the ability to get, translate and comprehend scripts and documents from all over the world. Dubai, the busiest city of UAE and a fantasy land for business seekers provides this facility to its visitors.

Facts about human translation vs machine translation

 Although machine translations are also playing a great role it can’t equalize human translations.

  • Modern machinery offered a faster interpretation facility to enter foreign markets.
  • Machine adaptation has its own benefits like it’s free, instant swift, and available to anyone who has internet access. And good is that it is being updated constantly.
  • But definitely, machines are unable to understand the lingual and cultural difference of the original area and that of the target audience.
  •  Although some instant machine translation services are eligible only for metaphase rendition (word-for-word translation) because of globalization, the huge diversity of culture, complexity, and richness of language filled with idioms metaphors, slang, puns, tone, style, and the context in the texts like poetry and argumentative essays can only be handled by a human translator
  •  Even high-quality translator machines aren’t completely valid when compared to human interpretation.
  • In the machine version, linguistic deficiencies can result disastrously for texts of proprietary or confidential type, private commercial agreements, confidential correspondence, or other sensitive information. 
  • That’s why human translation is so irreplaceable and important. Native speakers can capture context and find out suitable alternatives and guarantee absolute accuracy.
  • Different communities have different accents meaning and pronunciation for the words used for the same thing that can’t be understood by a machine.
  •  Words with dual meanings can only be determined by their context and that can be a critical problem for machine interpretation.
  • Every dialect produces different phrases every day. Machines can’t localize these lingual evolutions.
  • A human translator considers the text localization and makes it grabbing for the target audience.
  • The artificial intelligence of machines can’t compete with human intelligence regarding linguistic nuances.

Professional transformation services have a large variety. There are several methods and various strategies used by translation companies. Every type of these services has a different spectrum to work in. Here are different fields where translators are playing a vital role.

If you care about the text you generated for communication and if you don’t want to put your brand and its reputation at risk on an international level, then the human translation agencies are the better choice. You can hire the best translation service in Dubai by following this guide about professional translation.

Distinctive types of translation services needed in Dubai

Technical Translations

  • Deals with the “technical” document translation like engineering, mechanics, IT, electronics, website translation and industrial contents. 
  • It expects a proficiency of the specialized terminology observed in the source text, user manuals, financial reports, instructions leaflets, internal notes, and medical translation also comes under this category.

General translations

  • Non-specialized scripts that have no terminological or technical complications.
  •  Includes journalistic texts, emails, letters, publicity texts, gastronomy, pamphlets, texts on tourism or, CVs, etc. 
  • Informative scripts that do not need extraordinary excellence in terminology and techniques.

Financial Translations

It’s also called economic translation. It handles finance, banking, company annual accounts, annual reports, stock exchange documents, financial affidavits, financial treaties, and financing packages.

Legal Translations

  • Summons, warrants; administrative articles, registration certificates, corporate statutes, and remittance drafts, texts for judicial purposes, reports, and minutes of court proceeding are some examples along with many more, where legal translators are required.
  • Legal transformation calls for a highly efficient and qualified translator who knows all about the legal tone and terminology of the source and targets both the languages.

Scientific Translations

  • Sub-category of technical translation.
  • Deals with scientific documents including reports, journals, and scientific articles, etc.

Juridical Translations

  • Laws, regulations, general sales, and purchase conditions, legal agreements like labor, license and commercial pacts, partnership treaties, protocols and conferences, internal regulation, insurance policies, and bail assurance, need this type of translation service.
  • The juridical translator must have strong legal knowledge along with linguistic perfection.

Judicial Translations

  • It’s not a legal or certified translation.
  • Deals with expert opinions, letters rogatory, minutes of proceedings, minutes of interrogation sessions, expert opinions, judgments deposition, etc.

Certified Translations

  • Professional translations that need legal assurance are also called “certified” or “sworn”.
  • In courtrooms as legal experts as well as translations of civil status documentation, marital pacts, divorce settlements, deceases, and wills certified translators work.

 Literary Translations

  • Most difficult field of translation.
  • Provide the semantic version of the source script.
  • The implication of meanings behind every word and phrase with the tone and literary style which the writer has tried to convey is a tough task for the translator to bring  in the target language

Final thoughts

The global business and visitors hub Dubai hosts millions of expats from all over the world. These multilingual people face a great obstacle to language. Here translators are a blessing for such people providing translation services and helping them in establishing their business and dealing with native people and other foreigners in all the fields. 

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