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Five reasons why MVP Development may not live up to expectations

Web ApplicationFive reasons why MVP Development may not live up to expectations

You have probably heard that MVP is one of the shortest ways to check the practicality of your business idea, get real feedback and even count on solid financial support from angel investors. But though the journey seems pretty simple, there can be underwater rocks on the way to all these benefits. MVP website development is a good approach only in case all the elements are on there where they should be and the product works as it expected. But where to find a guarantee that your investment in embodiment of the idea will be fruitful?

If you want to be aware of all the nuances of MVP website development, purrweb.com sheds light on an array of related issues that will be helpful. You can read a professional blog to clear up the strategy in order to start MVP website development and find out the nuances of how to do it with better results.

What is a perfect MVP website

In a nutshell, MVP website is a digital service that is absolutely functional and brings money to the table after it was launched. Since your main goal in MVP website development is to check whether there’s money in a business niche you’ve conceived, the first profit on your account is a true sign that MVP is done well and works. An ideal MVP includes only those features that feel as necessary for its work. For example, if you’re targeting at MVP event website, you’ll focus on such elements as: 

  • registration form, 
  • user profile, 
  • event timetable,
  • in-built payment tools.

These components enable users to get what they are looking for: to find a certain event and buy online a desirable ticket. Undoubtedly, if there are a plethora of events, a search bar with customizable filters will be desired, and support chat won’t be excessive. But in the very beginning you need to focus only on those features that provide vitality to the project. Later, when you see people need the service, you can add the features that make the user’s life more delightful: ranking events in accordance with reviews or opportunity to add them into wishlist or something else. Features that don’t directly impact the achievement of the main goal: buy the ticket. So, focus on the dominant users’ interest and offer solving the problem in a short and simple way. 

Five factors that determine your MVP failure or success

You have probably noticed from the previous description that if you’re planning to gather all the fruit that MVP website development offers, you have to follow some practice-tested rules in the process. When you decline, it can cause the incoincidence in the goals and methods you use. So, let’s consider what obstacles you can face when diving into effective MVP website development. 

Insufficient preliminary work

This is your zone of responsibility to make a meticulous research of the market in order to shape the idea of the project. Define its main purpose and value in several words. If you want to try something innovative, the product is also at risk: for example, the audience isn’t large enough for the popularity of the project or the demand hasn’t been shaped yet. But the core sense of MVP website development is the minimization of your financial risk. You don’t invest in the project tons of money in order to discover that users still aren’t ready to buy something online. But if you want to increase the possibility of success, put enough effort in the preliminary stage: ask people on social media, make questionnaires on special resources or ask for help from a professional marketing agency.

Unclear technical task

One of the hardest tasks before you start MVP website development is to sift through your criteria all the features you’ve met in competitive products and select only those that matter much. Most of the newbies in MVP website development tend to add excessive functions that lead to increasing timeline and cost of the initial product. If you’re dealing with a team that prefers an agile approach, the additional features can be designed a bit later. When you’ll get the profit from MVP, you can reinvest it in order to expand the functionality of the product. This approach empowers you to spend investment gradually and correct the strategy of development if needed. 

Weak UI/UX design

This reason for why your project doesn’t want to take off is often spread. A nice idea needs a cute UI/UX design as an original picture needs a beautiful frame. Startup founders tend to underestimate the significance of expert UI/UX design services. That’s wrong. As it has been proved, that every dollar you spend for UI/UX design of your website can return $2-100 in dependency on the project specific. The digital industry is very competitive, and if you don’t invest enough in the UI, you’re at risk that the product won’t be noticed by target users. It should be eye-catchy, pleasing and memorizable. The cute UX design is also irreplaceable. If the navigation of your MVP website often puzzles the user and pushes him to Google or ask friends’ help, we are sorry to state that it isn’t user-friendly and well thought.

Improper tech stack

Pay enough attention to an appropriate technology stack when starting MVP website development. You can discuss this issue with your contractor and make sure it fits your goals. When you’re planning MVP website development, bear in mind that in case it lives up to your business goals, you’ll need a mobile version. The right technology stack provides fast and qualitative mobile app development within a competitive budget and short deadline. 

Why do you need a professional contractor for an MVP website development

As you have noticed, you need to be a good researcher and have basic analytical skills to determine your business idea briefly and clearly to transfer it to developers. But when your part of work is perfectly done, the other part depends on the work of IT engineers. The more they are skillful, the greater results you can count on. 

In some cases, this may not be obvious. But even such seemingly simple things as the size of the buttons or the incomprehensible location of the settings tab can make the user

irritated. If you’re dealing with experts, your product won’t suffer from such ridiculous mistakes as the specialists know all the standards in the industry and are acknowledged where the changes can be implemented and where it’s better to avoid any amateur performance.

For example, at Purrweb the guys are passionate about user-centered UI/UX design. That means you can be sure that the visual part as well as the architecture of the product will be performed masterfully. As for scaling, the technology stack the team works with, allows experts to realize a mobile app development with 30% less cost that competitors do. 

So, make the first step into the adventurous world of MVP website development, but make sure you’re backed with a professional companion that can bring to life your vision of the project exactly as you want. 

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