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How to buy Cummies Crypto – Trust Wallet, Metamask or Coinbase

CryptoHow to buy Cummies Crypto - Trust Wallet, Metamask or Coinbase

For sure, you are here to know How to buy Cummies, and we will not disappoint you. This article will detail how to buy Cummies, but before jumping to this, we know you must have some curiosity and are still unclear about Cumrocket crypto(Cummies). So we want to clear this up through our given information in the part of this article.What is Cummies? Just have to scroll down and get all the information you need to know before buying Cummies.

What is Cummies?

What is Cummies?

CumRocket (Cummies) is a new token on Binance smart chain, and you can buy Cummies through PancakeSwap Or CumRocket’s exchange, CumSwap,etc.

CumRocket (Cummies) aims to transfer adult content through blockchain technology to ensure 18+ content to entertain you. This updated system was launched in April 2021. With the introduction of the CUMMIES token, CumRocket hopes to open up this not-safe-for-for-work (NSFW) entertainment industry, allowing both creators and viewers to enjoy a secure environment for entertainment and communication.

Step by step guide on How to buy Cummies Crypto Token/Currency

As we know, like other cryptocurrencies, Cummies can’t be bought directly. Instead, we need to go through several processes, and we will guide you properly about this whole process.

Before going to more details, choose your platform wisely because different platforms have issues like security and reliability. So get some time to research.

Step 1: Open Binance online account 

We recommend you to open Binance account online without this process can not be processed further because CumRocket(Cummies) is Binance smart chain token.

Firstly you have to make an account there and buy its token BNB.

It might be difficult or time-consuming, but we make efforts to make it easy.

Binance needs some verification that can be confusing for you, but details are given below.

Verify your identity by providing information.

  • Social security number 
  • Driver’s license
  • Home address 

No need to hesitate before providing information. It will stay personal.

After approval, you’ll have to open a bank account and purchase BNB to trade against CUMMIES via PancakeSwap.

Step 2: To buy Cummies Download Trust Wallet, Metamask or Coinbase

The most challenging step is to make your Wallet that can accommodate both CUMMIES and BNB. There are a variety of alternatives to building your Wallet.

You’ll have to transfer your newly purchased BNB tokens into a bank account compatible with PancakeSwap, such as Trust Wallet and Metamask.

Trust Wallet and Metamask require some information to set up an account and save somewhere to recover your account. Trust Wallet asks for private keys, which will be the only option to access your Trust Wallet for the recovery process.

Step 3: Convert your Currency

For changing currency on Metamask wallet, Ethereum is the main network.

You have to look at which network your Wallet recommends you and click on the top-right dropdown of your Metamask wallet chrome extension.

To connect your Wallet to the Binance Smart chain, click on dropdown and change from Ethereum Mainnet to custom PRC.

After this above connection process, you will use BNB as your currency. Now you will be able to send your BNB tokens to your Metamask Wallet but keep in mind that this whole process should be done by using the Binance Smart chain network while sending your BNB to Metamask.

Step 4:  Start buying

This is the final step in your buying process. Now swap your BNB tokens on PancakeSwap for Cummies. Next, go to and connect your Wallet by pressing the button on the top corner. Once connected, you can exchange your currency to the trade option

Why do you need to buy Cummies ?

CumRocket Cummies is the platform for the adult industry, $CUMMIES, is used to for transaction in the adult industry. as informed above.

What are the problems faced by users of Trust Wallet.

Payment processor restriction
Blocked payment 

Sum up of Article 

The main thing is trust and insecurity of your currency, and the most important thing is your privacy. So different platforms have different levels regarding security issues and reliability before creating accounts and making any transaction. But if you want to buy Cummies, you have to make an account on your Wallet that supports Cummies and buy your Cummies from a different platform. 

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