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How to Choose a Suitable Lawyer to Work With

LawHow to Choose a Suitable Lawyer to Work With

If you are looking to choose a lawyer to work with, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to help you make the right decision. One of these being, taking the correct steps.

To help you make choosing a lawyer easier, we’ve compiled a list of steps for you to follow so that you can choose a lawyer which is suited to your needs. Keep reading to find out how you can choose a suitable lawyer to work with.

  1. Figure out the type of lawyer you need

The first step when choosing a suitable lawyer for you is to figure out what type of lawyer you need. This refers to their area of specialty or experience. For example, if you are looking to settle a divorce case, you will need a family law lawyer. Likewise, if your case has something to do with your will, then a wills and estate lawyer may be the best fit.

In addition to considering the type of lawyer you need, you also need to consider the method of communication you will be using with your lawyer. Lawyers that are based online will require you to have access to the internet to communicate with them via messaging, voice calling or video conferencing. Lawyers with in-person offices will require you to travel physically to see them. Considering the pros and cons of these various communication methods is one of the first steps you should take to choose a suitable lawyer to work with. 

  1. Find a lawyer using directories

After figuring out what type of lawyer you need, the next step is to find them. You can find a lawyer by searching through an online directory or getting in contact with referral services. These may help you find the lawyer you are looking for. The Law Society of South Australia also has an online directory of law firms you can use.

  1. Consider reviews and references

To make sure that the potential lawyer you are working with is credible and has a previous track record of success, you will need to consider their reviews and ratings. You can find reviews on business listing sites as well as independent review websites. Ratings can also be found online under business listings. You can use these factors to determine whether you want to work with a lawyer or not.

  1. Seek an independent opinion on your potential lawyer

Similar to reading the reviews, it is also important to have an unbiased opinion on your potential lawyer, preferably coming from a person who understands your legal circumstances. This person should be able to provide an independent opinion on your potential lawyer with your best interests in mind, and perform their own background research so that you are not influencing them with your own opinion.

  1. Meet with your lawyer and finalise your agreement

After evaluating and choosing your lawyer, you will need to meet with them to finalise an agreement. During this final step, you should clarify things such as service time, quotes and pay and legal responsibilities. Make sure that you pay close attention when meeting your lawyer so that you can further evaluate their work ethic and figure out whether they are suitable for you or not.

Make sure to follow our steps outlined above so that you choose a suitable lawyer to work with!

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