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How to Design the Perfect Yoga Space at Home

Home & GardenHow to Design the Perfect Yoga Space at Home

Imagine walking inside your favorite yoga studio downtown. It suddenly hits you, the aroma of sage and lavender, the relaxing background music, and the ray of light shooting from the window. You get to clear your mind and immediately get in the right frame of mind for a relaxing yoga session. 

Given the current circumstances, you’re most likely to do yoga in the comforts of your own house. So how can you bring the studio feels at home? Read through the following article to gain tips on how you can design your yoga sanctuary!

Choose the Appropriate Location 

You should choose the space that can be your peaceful and quiet haven inside your home. You should dedicate a room or an area wherein you can spend time practicing yoga. There should be enough room so you won’t bump into complex objects such as furniture. 

Preferably, it can be a space you regularly go to. Even if it is a small space in your room, a spare one, or a nook in the living room, the area should be available and accessible whenever you want to do yoga. Having a regular yoga space in your home can help you get into the right headspace and view that space solely for yoga.

This is important in your yoga home experience. Exposure to natural light can amplify your mood and overall well-being. You can use intelligent bulbs or lamps where you can easily adjust the hues.

Pick the right tools

You might not be at a big yoga studio with tons of equipment, but having access to the right gear can jumpstart your at-home yoga sessions. 

  • Yoga mat: One of the essentials in practicing yoga, you can invest in a good quality mat, or with limited availability, you can get a cheap one if you’re just starting. You can pick a wide variety based on your preferred thickness, weight, and durability. Choose whichever fits your personal needs and preferred grip. 
  • Mirror: When you practice at home alone, mirrors can help you check your form and alignment. You can immediately gain feedback so you can adjust your posture while practicing. Large mirrors may be a bit pricey, but with a budget, it’s worth investing to get your house’s yoga studio vibe.
  • Blocks: Yoga blocks provide users with stability and support when experimenting with different stretches. Although not necessarily necessary, you should get at least two blocks to enhance yoga poses and correct alignment. 
  • Eye Pillow: This is an optional tool at the end of your yoga session. During Savasana (resting position), you can use the pillow to block out light in the room and wind down peacefully after your yoga session. 

Choose Comfortable Clothes

Despite staying in the comforts of your home, you need to find the best clothes to support your yoga experiences. Investing in comfortable, breathable yoga clothes that will give you extra stretch in practicing high-level poses is best. 

High-waisted leggings may be the best choice, so you’ll be less likely to slip while doing your downward dog or other challenging poses. You may pair it with any tank tops or sports bras, allowing you to practice movements requiring more impact. Tight-fitting clothes may provide sensory comfort for better training and support. 

No Room for Distractions

Are you struggling to focus on your yoga practice as you see the pile of dirty dishes just meters away or hear a notification bell ringing nonstop on your phone? In creating your yoga space, be mindful of steering away from any distractions. 

Declutter and stash away objects with the potential to disrupt your flow of focus. Take note of closing the door, so there’s no sudden distraction from your family members. You may need to use the television to watch your favorite yoga instructor, but remove unnecessary gadgets such as your tablet or phone to keep you and your practice centered. 

Setting the Mood Right

Choose the Right Scent

Candles, diffusers, and essential oils can recreate the feeling from your local yoga studio. These scents can evoke your dream zen meditation ambiance, which you can now create in your home. From eucalyptus to lavender, there’s a wide selection of scents with different benefits to keep you relaxed and calm while working in your yoga space.  

Adding Greenery to the Scenery

Designing your space with a hint of green provides a sort of balance and natural and boho vibes. Plants provide clean air, boost your mood, and serve as a great visual feature for your yoga studio. You can start by choosing easy-care plants you can grow inside your home. 

Lighten the Color Scheme

Your room color can influence your state of mind, mood, and feelings. Choose a central theme for your yoga space; select one which suits your style and induces calm. You may incorporate popular hues of purple and pink or light yellow and orange tones, depending on what emotions you want to evoke in your feelings. 

Add Some Charm Into It

This is where you accessorize your yoga space to tailor fit your personality. Hang motivational quotes or posters with guides on proper yoga forms. Select the objects which fit into the overall theme of your yoga space. Add sculptures, crystals, books, or furniture. 

Final Words

You don’t need expensive, over-the-top designs to decorate your own yoga space. As long as it brings you joy and inspires tranquility and stability, that is the perfect yoga space for you. Also, if you have the time, you can visit some best yoga studios in your area.

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