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7 Best Eco-Friendly Interior Designers in The UK

Home & Garden7 Best Eco-Friendly Interior Designers in The UK

Sustainability is the buzzword on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The importance of going green is becoming more and more of a talking point in mass media. As the clock ticks closer to Christmas, homeowners are wondering how they can spruce up their home for the New Year whilst being green. 

The UK Government recently pledged to meet the net-zero target recommended by The Climate Change Committee. Every industry in the UK is under public pressure to create more sustainable, green products. Interior design is just one of these industries.

Energy comparison site Power Compare knows how confusing it is to find sustainable brands. They help people all over the UK reduce their carbon footprint and save money on the best energy deals on the market. Their experts have put together a list of the most eco-friendly designers in the UK.

What Is Eco-Friendly Interior Design?

Eco-friendly designers focus on creating products that do not contribute to the climate crisis. They can do this in several different ways. Some designers might use only recycled materials. Others might source their materials from a local business rather than depending on factories that are thousands of miles away.

Eco-friendly practices often coincide with better regulations overall. Companies that care about sustainability are far more likely to promote better working conditions and fair wages. The push towards eco-friendly products and services are as humanitarian as they are green.

The experts at Power Compare have selected seven eco-friendly UK interior designers for your watchlist. 


Nina Woodcroft created Nina+Co in 2014 to develop sustainable, eco-friendly interior design options for people who care about more than just the finished product. Nina worked as a receptionist at a London hospitality design firm for over 15 years before starting her own business. Since then, she has worked on home interior design projects and five star restaurant renovations across the world.

Nina+Co’s style is best described as minimalist and intentional. The Silo Table is the latest piece in her collection. Designed by Nina and engineered and crafted by Jan Hendzel,  this made to order piece will suit any elegant dining room or relaxing space. The legs are made from sustainably sourced English ash and the charcoal top is made from recycled plastic packaging. 

Nina incorporates sustainable practices into the aesthetic appeal of her products. At first glance, the recycled plastic packaging is black. On closer inspection, it has a translucent quality. The result is a speckled, celestial piece that can tie together any room. 

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Dinosaur Designs 

If you are searching for unique, eco-friendly designs, look no further than Dinosaur Designs. This brand is known for having bold shapes. The Cloud Collection is one of the most popular collections from Dinosaur Designs. Full shapes and off-white products abound in this timeless collection of necklaces, bowls, tables and rings. If you see beauty in simplicity, the Cloud Collection is perfect for you.

The creators behind Dinosaur Designs say that ‘Mother Nature is our endless inspiration.’ They have an entire page on their website dedicated to their Green Care promise. There you can learn about how Dinosaur Designs use sustainable practices for resin, metals, leather, and pearls. Far from the companies that claim to be eco-conscious and hide their methods, Dinosaur Designs is the go-to choice for homeowners who want to invest in a transparent interior design company.

Yesterday Today

Yesterday Today takes inspiration from the floral fancies of times past. You can transport a taste of the outdoors into your home with this sustainable company. It is best suited to people who appreciate a pop of colour. When you choose Yesterday Today, there will never be a dull moment.

Homeowners can even adorn their homes with lovingly cared for antiques. Yesterday Today’s Antique Painted Porcelain Butter Knife is ideal for people who appreciate the small pleasures in life. Lampshades and frames are also available from the online shop.

Bella, the owner of Yesterday Today, believes that ‘choosing to shop vintage is the most sustainable way to shop.’ She adapts vintage textiles into contemporary pieces and in doing so keeps her love for traditional patterns alive. The modern pieces in this shop pay homage to the past.

Bella does not want to be involved in our modern, throwaway culture. Her customers are people who want timeless pieces that last for years. Quality craftsmanship and eco-friendly practices are at the heart of each piece. Yesterday Today is ideal for homeowners who care about their buying power.

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Nkuku might be best described as bohemian. Earthy tones combine with on-trend furniture and accessories to make must-have products. We love this interior design company because it does not just focus on one or two niche accessories. You can find everything from soft furnishings to home office desks and even stylish floor mirrors on the website.

This brand is best suited to homeowners who want to add a contemporary slant to their spaces. The Murzu Square Iron Mirror can open up entire rooms whereas the Otoro Glass Pendant Light can give your space a sophisticated feel. 

Couple Ali and Alex founded Nkuku after they were inspired by the artisans they met on their trip to East Africa. The name Nkuku comes from a village in Zambia. The trip inspired three main principles: ethical, eco-friendly and handmade. What started as a small market stall in Portobello soon became a flourishing business.

Natural and recycled materials are at the forefront of Nkuku’s soft furnishings and accessories. Everything from golden hemp to sustainable mango wood and even jute create ethical homeware. Nkuku even uses cotton from discarded t-shirts, recycled glass, and recycled textiles to develop stunning home wear pieces that last an age.

Revive Innovations

Revive innovation is one of the most original eco-friendly interior design companies that we have come across. This brand specialises in modern, sleek line furniture and even jewellery.

Although Revive Innovations’ collection is far smaller than the other brands on our list, you will not be disappointed. The Coffee Table and Side Table are ideal for people who want contemporary designs with definite lines. The unique part about this brand is that it focuses on CD recycling. Discarded CDs that would otherwise end up in landfills are repurposed to create unique, eye-catching home staples. 

Little Greene

Little Greene provides people all over the UK with high-quality, eco-friendly paints and wallpapers. We recommend this rich, vibrant brand for homeowners who want to invest in sustainable products at every stage of their home renovation project. 

Paints and wallpapers from Little Greene offer a full-bodied alternative to dull, lifeless colours and patterns found in every retail shop. Little Greene’s oil-based paints have been reformulated with sustainable vegetable oils. Eco-conscious individuals will love the fact that they are delivered in recycled, recyclable pain tins. 

In 2004, Little Greene became one of the first UK paint manufacturers to achieve the European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001. Little Greene paints have even passed ‘Toy Paint Regulations’, which means that they are free from toxic metals. Parents all over the UK depend on Little Greene for sustainable, safe paints for nurseries. 

Tala Lighting

New lighting can open your spaces and rejuvenate your home. Tala Lighting is a strong contender for the best eco-friendly lighting  brand in the UK. It promises customers a truthful approach to materials and sustainable practices.

This innovative company, which was created by three friends who studied together at Edinburgh, introduces homeowners to a world where ‘the bulb is the protagonist.’ Homeowners who have a flair for modern design principles will love Tala Lighting bulbs. 

You can find everything from mouth-blown bulbs to more traditional options in the Tala Lighting shop. Each product combines ‘conservation with beauty’. The Porcelain III – Mirrored bulb provides homeowners with a modern design that has all the capabilities of a traditional bulb. 

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