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How Do You Lock A Bifold Door? – Learn How To Do It Right

Home & GardenHow Do You Lock A Bifold Door? - Learn How To Do It Right

Instead of going for the mainstream doors, so many people are going for bifold doors these days. These doors are becoming the choice for many because of their space-friendly nature. It is an ideal choice for pantries, closets & laundry areas where there is insufficient room for the swing of a typical door. The fun fact is- even though the functioning system of these doors is different than the standard ones, the locks that people use on these doors are simpler to install compared to that of the typical doors. And that is what we are going to talk about in this article. If you are a bifold door user wondering- ‘“How do you lock a bifold door?”, stay with us till the end to know the answer. Now, let us get straight into the discussion.

Surface bolts

To get extra security, you can implement surface bolts on the top sections of each part of your bifold door. The screwing of these bolts is done near the corner that is remotest from the pivots or hinge, just to the surface of the door. And talking about the strike of these bolts, you can equip them on the wall or body of each door. When you want to unlock & lock the door, you will just have to slide the bolts down or up. And if the door users are short, then you should purchase a lengthy or extended version of surface bolts.

To board these bolts, you will have to trim or cut out a part of the door casing. You can do this with the help of a hacksaw. And you can also use lumber if you want to chunk the bolts away from your door.

Keyed locks

You can also try adding a padlock or hinged hasp lock on your bifold doors if you want some more added up security. These locks are unique because they are keyed & can give the bifold door users the high level of security they want. Talking about installation, you would have to install one end of the lock on the body of one leaf & the other end on the body of the other leaf of your door. The hinge between the two parts may tilt with the bi-folds. However, you can rest assured that it will prevent any unwanted entry without a key.

Child locks

If you are a parent who is concerned about the sneaky nature of your child, you may consider using child-safety locks on your bi-folds. You can install zip-tie locks to prevent your children from sneaking into a room that he/she should not. These locks have two loops. You should wrap both of these loops around handles or one of the doorknobs. And after that, you should clasp them together. It would lock the door by zipping them up. And if you want to open the door, just press on the lock discharge or release.

Top mount lock

There is another kind of lock that you can use to add more security on your bifold doors & that is top mount locks. When you buy these locks, remember to get one depending upon the thickness of your door. Speaking of installation, open one of the parts of your bi-folds across the analogous door frame at the border of the aperture. Now, move one end of your top mount lock onto the top corner of your pivoted door. Then, take the operating wand provided by the manufacturers or your hands to drift the lock on spot in the midst of the joint of two doors & shut them. When you wish to unlock the door, just slide the lock away from the joint.


Dear reader, you have come to the end of our article. We have shared with you four kinds of lock systems that you can use in your bifold doors. No matter what lock you decide to use, always remember to check the packaging properly for any instruction manual. Reading manuals will provide you vital info about it & how to use it. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thank you & have a good day!

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