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What Are The Benefits of Having Black Granite Countertops?

Home & GardenWhat Are The Benefits of Having Black Granite Countertops?

Thinking of renovating your kitchen? Choosing the best worktop material for your kitchen is an important decision. Granite is one of the most preferred worktop options among homeowners due to its durability and different colour options. However, black granite is the one that can make your kitchen appear unique and dramatic.

Earlier people used to avoid installing black granite countertops but now people are embracing this granite colour due to its powerful and stunning presence. In this article, we explain some benefits of picking the black granite worktop. 

What is black granite?

There are various types of black granite worktops; however, Black Pearl and Absolute Black are the most common granite types. Both these varieties are quarried in India. Black Pearl granite has a dark grey backdrop with flecks of silver mica, whereas Absolute Black is jet black. Each black granite worktop is likely to add an interesting touch to a bathroom or kitchen.

Why choose black granite?

One of the major reasons to choose black granite worktop is that they add a sense of depth to an interior. The black granite can also accentuate other colours present in the interior. Another attractive point about pearl black granite is its contrasting silver mica on the black backdrop, creating the starry effect of the night sky. These black granite options are ideal for anyone who wants to add a creative and unique look to their kitchen.

Benefits of choosing black granite

Here are some major benefits of choosing black granite countertops:

Modern Aesthetics

Although most homeowners prefer white granite for its natural appearance, black granite is equally gorgeous. Today, most homeowners are embracing the minimalist style for their kitchen interiors. This style makes use of simple furniture with the pseudo-futuristic decor for adding modern aesthetics to the interior. Black granite worktops are ideal for achieving this look, especially when the cabinets are in white. For breaking the monochromatic look, you can even add bold accent colours like teal or red appliances or decor pieces. This is how you can create versatile looks, complementing your cabinetry. 


Due to the high demand for marble and granite worktops, their prices are quite high. This means that less popular colours like black are available at a reasonable price. If you pick Absolute Black or Galaxy Black Granite quarried in India, they will cost you lesser than the African or American granite. Even Brazilian black granite costs less than other granite colours. That’s why choosing any of these black granite worktops for your kitchen interior is the best option.

Minimal Maintenance

Since granite worktops are porous, they need to be sealed regularly for preventing stains and bacterial existence. You need to be careful with the dark fruit and wine stains; however, some stains won’t show against the black surface. Therefore, black granite worktops are ideal for large families with kids because it will be durable against minor stains, bumps and scratches. This means cleaning these worktops is also easy with water and mild antibacterial soap. Meanwhile, you need to seal it annually for preserving the beauty and shine. With less cleaning and attention, these worktops are likely to last a lifetime. 


If you wish to add depth and a unique appearance to your kitchen interior, black granite countertops are perfect for you. The black granite worktop not only adds modern aesthetics to your home but also easy to care for.

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