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How to maintain the green color of your lawns?

Home & GardenHow to maintain the green color of your lawns?

Lawns provide great vibes in your yard. That is why it is necessary to maintain its vibrant green color. However, as you know, there are times that it changes into a yellowish tone. As a result, it can affect the entire lawns in your garden. According to Cody of, some studies say that these changes can spread in no time and cause you trouble in the future. For that reason, we want to share some information to give you a hand.

Proper Maintenance of your Lawn

Taking care of your lawns requires so much attention. Not Unless you installed artificial grass carpet in your garden. However, a simple issue can cause a more significant effect on your entire yard. This section contains some helpful information on how you can manage your lawns perfectly. Each of this information can guide you for your better maintenance strategy. So, let us move forward and explore these guidelines.

  • Build up your watering habit

Water is the most critical resource for plants and grasses. It is the primary key to prolong their lifespan and be healthy. Thus, it can also cause trouble when you overdo it. Summer has a significant effect on all the plants and grasses out there. That is why you need to moisturize all of them.

Tips to consider:

  • Soak your lawns during summer

Summer is the worst enemy of most plants. That is why soaking your lawn can help a lot to protect them from drought. But, unfortunately, it will become a doormat to conserve energy. As a result, it might appear dry and tan in color. But, surprisingly, it can recover in the fall when the weather is more relaxed and wetter.

Regular watering of your plant can help them to build a deep root. It can also prevent dormancy and endure the heat of the summer. To achieve that goal, you can try to mimic the pattern of rainfall. It means that you are soaking the grass in the infrequent interval. 

Moreover, three to four weeks are the best time to soak your grass. Applying about an inch of water per week is necessary to improve the health of your lawn than daily watering.

  • Watering in the morning

Morning is the best time to do working out activities. Also, to water your plants. Including watering plants in the morning can practice your habit to take care of your plants. It is a big help for water evaporation. If you water in midday, there is a tendency to evaporate the water instantly. Therefore, the grass will not have enough time to absorb the moisture of the water. 

Watering your grass when the sun is out can help them to go with the process of photosynthesis. On the contrary, watering your grass at night can cause them a huge problem. As you know, the water will not be able to absorb and make use of the water. Also, the increased humidity can develop diseases in your grasses. 

  • Ensure to know where the water goes

There are times that your grasses are not growing at the same length. Or, the grounds are also the reason. The best way to prevent damages from happening is to give so much attention to your field. Endure that you monitor the flows of the water and be mindful to check the grasses if they can get the balanced amount of moisture.

Furthermore, if this thing happens, the grasses might change color, and they become unhealthy. So be sure to use some resources and install them correctly for the distribution of humidity. If you perform it perfectly, then you don’t need to worry about your lawn. 

  • Ensure to keep your grass longer

Mowing your grass can help them to grow correctly. However, make sure that you make it stay longer. Longer grasses can protect its root and get more moisture from the soil. On the other hand, short grasses can cause severe damages to your lawns.

In addition, it can’t protect them from the hot temperature of the sun. As a result, it might dry and be dead at the same time. That is why considering having longer grass is an excellent option.

  • Feed your lawn

Providing nutrients for your lawn is an outstanding choice. Applying fertilizer is somehow an option that you must take to take care of your grasses. Aside from that, it can also help your plants to have strong roots. For that reason, you can give them a vibrant green color.

  • Getting rid of the weeds

Patients are what you need when it comes to maintaining your lawns. However, there are times that weeds affect the grasses for some reason. And to keep them the same length with green color, removing weeds is necessary. There are some ways to remove them and stop them from growing.

You can choose to remove them by hand manually or use some equipment. Thus, you can also apply some weed killers and add lawn feeders to stop them from growing. Either choice might work well, somehow.


Here we go. In addition, the above data can serve as your guidelines to perform the proper way to achieve your desired green color. This article offers great help to understand this topic. So, ensure that you follow this information for better results.

Thank you, and have a nice day ahead!

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