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SOS! Is My Foundation Sinking? (Signs to Look Out For)

Home & GardenSOS! Is My Foundation Sinking? (Signs to Look Out For)

Sinking foundations sound just as important to take care of as they are. The foundation of your home is an essential part of your home’s structure. Sinking foundations are common, but they are very important to fix and address as soon as possible. A sinking foundation can be caused by movement of the ground below the home or user error where the house was set on unstable soil, and it can no longer fully support the home. It’s important to watch out for signs on a sinking foundation. By knowing these signs, you’ll know when it’s time to schedule foundation repair in the Kansas City area.

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Signs Of A Sinking Foundation

There are many different signs of a sinking foundation. Some of these signs are not a sure way of knowing you have a foundation problem, but if you see any of these signs, you should get them checked out by a professional. Catching a foundation problem as soon as possible will save you time and money. So if you see any of these signs around your home, be sure to contact a professional foundation company for foundation repair in the Kansas City area as soon as possible. 

Cracks in the walls or door frames

Cracking in the walls may not necessarily be cause for concern, but they can develop into a more significant problem very quickly if not assessed by an expert. Cracks in the flooring or something like your garage or driveway may indicate that there is a bigger problem at hand. Cracks around doors and on the walls may be normal, but if they are large cracks or horizontal cracks, you should be wary. A trained specialist should assess all foundation cracks to determine if they are a cause for concern.

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Sinking feeling

Sometimes, homeowners might be able to feel the sinking sensation of the home. Maybe if you roll a ball, it seems to go faster on one side, or if you’re walking, you feel like you’re walking up a hill sometimes. It’s common to feel foundation problems like sinking if they’ve become prominent in your home. 

Weird fitting or uneven doors

If your doors seem uneven or if you see the hinges starting to pull or become irregular, this may be a sign of foundation sinking. If the foundation is sinking, then it will pull at places such as the doorways or hinges. 

Counters separating

If you have kitchen cabinets or counters attached to the walls, you may notice them separating. This is another case where the foundation will pull at the counters and cabinets if the foundation is sinking. If they create distance between the counters/cabinets and the walls, there may be a cause to worry.

Sticking doors or windows

Sticking windows and doors is another sign of possible foundation sinking problems. However, it also can just be a common problem in a home. However, if you notice the doors and windows sticking constantly, then this may be a reason for concern. As the foundation is sinking, it will cause the upper portions of doors and windows to slide down slightly, making the windows or door not fit appropriately inside the doorway or window placement.

Uneven floors

Uneven floors should almost always be a cause for concern. If you see bubbles or feel like you are walking up or down hills in your home, there is a problem. Uneven floors show that the foundation underneath is also uneven. If you notice things like a ball rolling more to one side or if you can feel a difference in the floor when you walk, then it’s crucial to get it checked out by a foundation repair contractor. 

Repairing A Sinking Foundation

Repairing a sinking foundation should be left up to the professionals. Fixing a sinking foundation starts with an inspection of the property and foundation of the home. This will help to gather information about what damages there are and how foundation repair in the Kansas City area should be handled. Professional foundation contractors will typically use piers to stabilize the home’s foundation. There are three different options for this, and professionals will choose which option to go with based on what your home needs as well as your budget. 

Steel push piers are the first type of piers that could be used. Steel push piers are typically more expensive because they are made of steel, making them much stronger. They are used by having the home’s pressure push them into the ground as far as they can go until they hit a solid rock foundation to support the home. It’s important to note that contractors might not suggest that you need steel piers if your house can stabilize without all of the pressure. 

Helical piers are among the most popular and common options chosen for sinking foundation repairs. This type of pier does not need the weight of the structure or home to push them into the soil. They are, instead, essentially drilled or screwed into the ground.

Push piers are the last type of pier that can be utilized. This type of pier is pushed into the ground until it hits a foundation that can hold the weight and then sealed off. This type is excellent for two-story homes, brick homes, or any other sizable home that might need a more heavy-duty pier system.

What To Do If You Think You Have A Sinking Foundation

If you have any of these signs listed above, let’s review what you should do. Don’t ever try to repair any sinking foundation problems yourself. You should call a professional right away to get an inspection done. This is an essential step because the contractors will come out and assess your home. They will look at any signs you may have pointed out and tell you if they are a cause for concern and if they need to be repaired or not. They will also do a full look-through to find any other issues that might need to be repaired. They will then give you a full breakdown of what repairs are needed and what your options are. 

A sinking foundation can be a serious problem, and it should be addressed as soon as possible. Always look out for signs of a sinking foundation because you want to be able to catch any issues before they become a larger problem for you. Waiting to get something repaired can cause way more issues which means paying way more money, plus there’s always the possibility of a safety issue. Contact your professional foundation repair contractor to look at your foundation if you think it might be sinking. 

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