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How to easily freshen up your living room: 6 stylish ideas

Home & GardenHow to easily freshen up your living room: 6 stylish ideas

Does your living room decor need to be refreshed? Whether you have not decorated it yet and just want easy ways to freshen up, this guide is for you. The living room is the place where you spend most of your time. So it needs to look good. We have compiled a list of some stylish ways to liven up your living room. These tips will create a stylish and comfortable living room where you’ll want to live in. 

Let’s get started!

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1. Bring natural elements indoors

Nature brings the most wonderful colors to your living room. You can often find low-maintenance varieties of plants for fairly affordable prices. Look for engrossing leaf shapes or colorful foliage to give a little extra life to your living space. You can place a potted plant on your centerpiece as a centerpiece or fill any empty corner of your room with a hanging plant. 

If your living room does not have sufficient natural light and you are not sure about your plant care abilities then you can go for realistic-looking plants instead. Dried stems and natural grasses will also work to freshen up your living space. It is one of the least expensive. To create a simple natural arrangement, you can gather some from your backyard or can either purchase from a crafts store, then place them in a vase. 

2. Install new blinds and curtains

Your choice of exterior window shutters can have an immense impact on your living room’s space feel and its aesthetic. If you want your living room to be darker, then you can install blinds or curtains. This will block out the outside light. With these windows coverings, your living room will remain cooler on hot days. They can make your space look more private, cozier, and larger. 

Pro tip: Hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. By doing so it will draw attention to the eyes of your guests and make your room look bigger than it is. 

If you want a quick curb appeal to your living space, exterior window shutters are one of the best ways to add it. Currently, board and batten shutters are very popular. If you’re looking for something simple and modern window coverings, then board and batten shutters might be for you. Shop our collection of board and batten shutters at a very affordable price. 

3. Design DIY living room art

Try something different. Buy some canvas papers. You can go with your DIY canvas art, paint them on your own for an affordable living room decor idea. After painting, you can place them prominently on blank walls and give them personality. Handmade ideas are the perfect solution to freshen up your living room. It is a budget-friendly option that will always give you a sense of pride whenever you will catch a glimpse of it. 

Using paints of your favorite colors, you can brush on a variety of cool geometric designs or can simply drip paint colors at random for contemporary composition. If you want less abstract, you can use the canvases as bases for stenciled motifs, painted pictures, or collages made from crafting remnants.

4. Go bold on a few furnishings

If you are looking to refresh your living room, there’s no other way better than to refresh your furnishings. Create a stylish look on a budget by adding just a few statement pieces. Shop furnishings that have high-impact fabrics or finishes, bold pops of colors, or breathtaking silhouettes. Go with a few dramatic elements, like a colorful area rug or an extraordinary piece of wall art, to create a stir. An area rug will soften up your space. Put a bold area rug under your center table, which will surely add color and texture to your living room. 

Pair them with low-key window treatments, neutral walls, subtle accents, and versatile upholstery pieces for a contrasting effect. 

5. Paint one wall 

Add a punch of color to your living room by accenting one wall. The accent wall provides an optical illusion, drawing attention to a single focal point. An accent wall does not only add depth and draws attention but it is an incredibly budget-friendly way to freshen up your living room and help it feel finished. 

A new coat of paint will completely transform your living room. Go for bright and contrasting colors to boost the aesthetic appeal of your room. Choose a larger wall of your room that will get noticed. This will provide a calming atmosphere to your living space that is subtle and effortless. And if you want your accent wall to look next level, consider a DIY project to add a little texture to your painted accent wall. 

Pro tip: While choosing paint, you must have to pick a finish as well. Flat paint has a matte finish, High gloss paint is shiny, Eggshell or Satin are the perfect ones. They make space look bigger. 

6. Books and magazines

Adding books and magazines can be a great way to freshen up your living space. What is so good about them is their wonderful cover and graphic bindings. Space that is filled with books and magazines looks much more intimate and comfortable. They can warm up any space and can give a new life to your living room. If you don’t want to buy new ones, you can pick second-hand books up in thrift shops. 

Also, you can use books as the decor element of a center table in your living room. Their brilliance and usefulness make them a must-have piece. They are an inexpensive way to add charm to your space

Designer tip: Only stack 2-3 books on your table. Always put the largest book on the bottom and then other books in a staggering manner, otherwise, it will appear like a haphazard afterthought or look like a worse topple in a heap. 


We hope our guide of six stylish tips to freshen up your living room proves useful. 

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