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How to make Lizard in little alchemy?

GamesHow to make Lizard in little alchemy?

As you are familiar with little alchemy 2, so you know about the actual logic, that you can not make anything directly but you have to make some efforts to reach your final combinations.

If you have played this game already have experience making stones, humans, trees, fruit, and other elements just by going through some steps to reach your final element. Still, we will guide you to make Lizard in little alchemy if you are new here.

Look here; we solved your query by directly combining these elements to get your final production. 

Egg + Swamp = Lizard 

Above, we talked about the direct method, but to get something desirable, we all have to go through some process and wait to see the destination, so here we bring you a walkthrough to make Lizard in little alchemy

Walkthrough to make Lizard in little alchemy 

  1. Earth + Water = Mud
  2. Air + Water = Rain
  3. Rain + Earth = Plant
  4. Plant + Mud = Swamp
  5. Fire + Air = Energy
  6. Swamp + Energy = Life
  7. Air + Life = Bird
  8. Bird + Bird = Egg
  9. Egg + Swamp = Lizard 

You have Lizard by passing through different combinations, and you will end your game here. You want more new things, so we care about your feelings. Look down to get new combinations with Lizard.

What can we make from Lizard in little alchemy?  

There are different combinations to make additional products. We show you various possibilities to create other elements to choose the most feasible.

For Dragon

  • Lizard + Air = Dragon 
  • Lizard + Fire = Dragon 
  • Lizard + Sky = Dragon 
  • Lizard + Aeroplane = Dragon 
  • Lizard + Legend = Dragon 
  • Lizard + Story = Dragon

For Dinosaur 

  • Lizard + Time = Dinosaur
  • Lizard + Big = Dinosaur

For Desert

  • Lizard + Sand = Desert

For Chameleon

  • Lizard + Rainbow = Chameleon 
  • Lizard + Double Rainbow = Chameleon


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