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How To Send Money Via XOOM – Payment Transfers

Top StoriesHow To Send Money Via XOOM - Payment Transfers

Are you someone who’s struggling with the transfer of your money to your local bank account? You need not to worry, because we, at Xoom, have got you fully covered! Xoom is a user-friendly PayPal service particularly designed for the people who wish to make safe transactions from across the border to Pakistan. All you have to do is learn how to do it through some basic steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Log in

Whether you choose Xoom or PayPal, the next step will be the same for both options. On the right side, you will find the button labeled with “Continue with PayPal” whereas on the left side you will be required to enter your user ID along with the unique password, provided you have already signed up for Xoom, to login to your Xoom account. Once you take your pick, click on either one of them and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Country of the Recipient

Look for the drop-down button of “Look Money”. Click on it and choose the country you wish to transfer your money to. In our case, we chose “Pakistan”.

Step 3: Choose the amount of Money

Now you will find yourself in the category of “Options” where you will be required to enter some basic information regarding your money transfer. In the Send amount box, you will have to enter the money in USD, which will automatically convert to Pakistani rupees in the neighboring box. Click on “Continue” to take the procedure forward.

Step 4: Choose Receiving Option

In the same category as the previous one, this time you will have to choose the style in which you want the receiver to receive your sent money. This includes two options i.e., Bank Deposit and Cash Pickup. Choose your preferred option and click continue. In our case, we chose Bank Deposit.

Step 5: Choose Method of Transfer

Upon choosing “Bank deposit”, you will find additional three different methods for transferring your money i.e., Bank Account, Credit Card, and Debit Card and click on “Continue”. In our case, we chose “Bank Account”

Step 6: Beneficiary Bank

In this step, you will choose the name of the Bank to which your money will be transferred. You can select the bank (e.g., Bank Alfalah) from the drop-down list. After choosing the bank, you have to fill in the IBAN/Account Number and basic information about the Recipient.

Step 7: Payment Details

This step will provide you a summary of all the details that you have signed up for till now. This will include your payment method, Name of Account, Account Type, Routing Number, Account Number, and Statement Address. 

Step 8: Authorization of Money Transfer

This is the last step where you will be able to review all the Payment details, Disbursement details, and all information you have entered for the Recipient. On the right side, you will find the button “Authorize Payment”. Upon clicking it you will authorize your payment and your money will safely be transferred. 

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