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Learn Embed YouTube Video to Your Blog Without Iframe

Social MediaLearn Embed YouTube Video to Your Blog Without Iframe

There can be no doubt that video plays an important role in internet marketing. Not so long-ago web pages consisted of long text and not much else. Today we expect our websites to offer more and video has certainly helped to satisfy that need. Adding video to a webpage is not always so easy for a non-technical user. In this article I will be dealing with a blog that runs under the WordPress platform.

If you are a business and want to increase your conversions, you could set up a web page with some text describing your product or service. However, this may not be the way to hook someone into the offer you are promoting. Why should anyone buy from you if they cannot see anything about you? Wouldn’t it be better if you could visually show off what you are promoting? It is easy to write long text copy describing your offers, but the public expects a lot more these days.

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People are not so gullible anymore. We are so used to seeing these long-winded sales pitches and fake testimonials on the internet. Unfortunately, many of us have been taken in with these fine words and parted with hard earned money, only to regret it later.

Adding video to your blog gives you a different angle on things. You are visually presenting your offer and people are more likely to visit your web page to find out more about you. We react better to things we can see.

Before you can add video to your blog you first need to store it somewhere. There are a variety of hosting services out there, but personally I prefer YouTube. Why? Because it is free and also is visited by more people than any other hosting site. Get a YouTube account and upload a video there. At the bottom of each video you will notice a share button. Click this and you will then see an embed button. Click this button and you will be given some code. Copy this to your computer notepad.

Log in to your WordPress blog and write your blog post. Create some space in the text of the post for where you wish to place the video. You will notice two tabs above the blog post – they are normally towards the right. One says visual and the other HTML. Click on the one that says HTML. You will see what may look like strange words and symbols mixed in with your blog post text. You must be careful at this point that you do not accidentally delete any code here.

Look for some text of your post which is near to the place where you created space for the video. Now paste the code you got from YouTube into the space you created. When you switch back to the visual tab you will see a yellow box which is a placeholder for the YouTube video. If you are happy with everything then click the update or publish button.

You will now have a YouTube video embedded in your blog and your post will be providing additional value to the reader. Google likes to see a variety of content in your blog and video compliments text perfectly.

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