Sunday, April 2, 2023

Meet Rafay Baloch – Pakistan’s First Ethical Hacker

Top StoriesMeet Rafay Baloch - Pakistan’s First Ethical Hacker

The first words to spring into our minds when we hear the word “hacker” are probably cyber crime, malicious, fraud and all negative words. However, meet  Rafay baloch a young 24 year old recognised as one of the world’s top ethical hackers and one of the top 25 threat seekers as stated by Cybermarx, the world’s leading information security publications in 2014. The young talent from Pakistan has over 7 years of experience in security research. He is best known for finding vulnerabilities in renowned websites.He does not hack with a criminal intent but in fact, with integrity, he hacks in order to discover flaws and vulnerabilities in softwares.

Rafay was offered a $10,000 reward from Paypal for finding a “remote code execution vulnerability” inside PayPal and he was also offered a job which he at the time refused as he was studying.This is not the least of achievements under the tech Gurus belt, he has achieved a tremendous amount at such a tender age. He is one of the first Pakistani ethical hackers to be identified by Google, Facebook, Paypal, Apple, Microsoft etc. And has also been rewarded by some of them for his excellent work.

His core research includes bypassing client/server side protections such as WAF and other security mechanisms. He is the author of “Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide” and has also written several papers on information security, namely “HTML5 Modern Day Attack Vectors” and “Web Application Firewall Bypass.” and “Bypassing Browser Security Policies For Fun And Profit” as featured in BBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal.

It is honorable for Pakistan to have such a fine talent among us but it is unfortunate that we do not provide relevant platforms for such masterminds. Whilst talking to media Rafay told us that unfortunately Rafay had to move to UAE due to the government not providing the immensely talented young man with necessary support or opportunities that he deserves

“ I have currently moved to UAE and i am providing consultancy to US based companies such as GEE Media, Emerging Markets communications so on and so forth. Two years back i moved from Karachi to Islamabad to due Security reasons. I Openly proposed to the government that i have the necessary resources to establish Cyber Security Unit in Pakistan. However, seems like they have turned a deaf ear to my proposal. ”

It is an utter disappointment that Pakistan produces such assets that later have to move abroad due to lack of resources and support from the government, we hope the government would take a stand in providing young men and women such as Rafay s platform where they can exhibit the best of their skills for people like this young man are a merit to Pakistan.

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