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Moving checklist for when moving with kids

LifestyleMoving checklist for when moving with kids

So, you’re moving. The date is set and everything is settled, but there are more things to think about. Although your moving checklist is already full of things that you need to do, when you’re moving with kids there are many more things that you need to consider. Unfortunately, when we have so many things to do and so little time, we tend to drop the ball somewhere. To ensure that this won’t happen anywhere and anytime during your relocation process, we’ve made this moving checklist for when moving with kids to help you out.

Two months before the move

The first thing you want to do is to talk to your kids. This is as important as ensuring your kids’ safety during the relocation. Sit down with your children and explain everything to them. It is extremely important that they hear everything from your first during the family meeting. 

Picking a school is the second thing. Call an institution that you have chosen and find out everything you need to know. Ask them what you and your kids will need for their enrollment.

Getting vital records is the last thing in this stage state the professionals from This means that medical, dental, eye and school records for all of your children need to be in place before the moving day.

A big pile of papers.
One of the first things on moving checklist for when moving with kids is to get all the records that you’ll need.

One month before

If your kids are small, be sure to make arrangements for moving day on time. Find a babysitter or call a friend to help you with them as soon as you can.

The next thing on our moving checklist for when moving with kids is to downsize on toys. Of course, be sure to include your child in this. Talk with them and decide what they will bring with them and what is ready for donation. This way, you’re teaching a lesson and decluttering at the same time.

Help your children to collect contacts. Give them their own address book to write down contact information for their friends. This way they’ll know that they can stay in contact with the ones that love and it will help them to overcome the fear of moving to a new city.

Two weeks before the moving day

This is a good time to throw a goodbye party. Tell everyone not to bring any gifts, but to write a letter of one of their special memories with your kids. This will have much higher sentimental value for your kids.

Find out what are the activities that you can take on with your children after organizing and assisting your NJ local move. Talk about it with your children and raise excitement about the move. Be sure to take a few pictures at the old house along the way.

Farewell party is an important part of moving checklist for when moving with kids.
Throw a party so your kids can tell goodbye to all of their friends.

A few days before and the moving day

Say farewell to your old town. Eat at your favorite restaurant one last time and visit any special places that you have. Your kids will appreciate this. 

Plan the trip so you know every step along the way to your new home. Also, be sure to put buying essentials on your moving checklist for when moving with kids. Let them tell their last goodbyes to their friends and allow them to grieve. Explain to them that this is the start of a fantastic adventure and make sure that you have a happy attitude.

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