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Moving to Tennessee: small towns to consider

LifestyleMoving to Tennessee: small towns to consider

Tennessee has seen some growth in popularity as a place to move to. However, this is not nearly enough to show off the potential and prosperity of this state! After all, most of such attention has been focused on large cities and towns. And they are not actually what the best of what this state has to offer is! That would be the smaller towns, instead. To see if we can interest you in them, we’ve put together a guide on moving to Tennessee: small towns to consider!

Moving to Tennessee State


There are two main draws that recommend Winchester to people planning on moving to Tennessee: the town’s beauty and location. The town is located on the Tim’s Ford Lake, which in turn is located within the Tim’s Ford State Park. Tennessee generally has some rather stunning scenery, so you can really tell that a place is worth visiting if its beauty can stand out in this state. You will be able to truly dedicate yourself to learning how to take care of your home and garden and make your home just as pretty as the rest in Winchester if you decide to settle down here.


If you are moving to Tennessee, then Jackson is definitely an option you want to consider. The town has a very wide variety of restaurants, including the well-known Old Country Store & Restaurant. They truly pride themselves on their food culture, so you can rest assured that you would be eating well! The town has an amazingly cheap housing market, too. Easily making sure that you will be able to find a perfect home without much trouble. Finally, the services here are nothing to scoff at either. The Jackson local movers will be there to help you move in and ensure that help is around the corner whenever you need it.


Franklin is a very nice middle choice between very small towns and the larger cities of Tennessee. It is located not far from Nashville, just some twenty or so miles, so you will also still have access to the conveniences of a large urban center if you do opt for living in Franklin. The city fits into the cheaper living costs of Tennessee as compared to most of the U.S., too, and is even a little cheaper than other cities.

Bell Buckle

This town with a charmingly odd name can be found about an hour’s ride southeast from Nashville. If you are into Victorian houses and lots of vintage and antique shops, then this is the town for you. You can always find something interesting, and maybe even valuable, in its various shops! Though, if you do decide to buy one of the older properties, you will really want to look up a good essential spring cleaning guide.


Loudon is a slightly bigger, and more expensive, town in Tennessee. Now, this does not mean it is significantly more expensive than other places on our list. But it is considered a ‘luxury’ town, with lots of golf courses and some amazing amenities. It also has the best schooling opportunities on this list, which are honestly unexpected of a town of its size. The moving experts from Spyder Moving can vouch that the quality of the roads here will also make any transit faster and safer, and make your move go by much more easily. 


Gatlinburg is a town with a lot to offer. For the lovers of nature, there is, of course, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to visit. And if you do not really want to spend lots of time in wild parts of nature, you can visit the local ski resort instead! The restaurants, shops and galleries packed into this town really make it special. And the fact that it is such a popular tourist destination means you can easily find work in the industry. You can even move there, do your best to organize your home this spring, and offer a homely version of bed and breakfast!


Jonesborough is, in fact, Tennessee’s oldest town! You can really feel the history of this place just strolling down the city streets. Or, you can travel in style and opt for a historically inspired carriage ride! The Jonesborough Repertory Theatre offers plays of remarkable quality, too, so if you like that sort of thing you will definitely enjoy yourself here.


Shiloh is yet another historically significant town of Tennessee. This time, due to the events that happened here during the Civil War. Of course, this is hardly everything the town has to offer. It is also home to some of the oldest and best known restaurants in the state. And their traditional Southern and fish-based menus are absolutely standout delicious. 


Do you happen to like alcohol? If yes, then this town might appeal to you being the home of both Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Lynchburg Winery. Following Tennessee tradition, Lynchburg also has a very nice selection of eateries and restaurants. Moving to Tennessee, you will at the very least know that you will be eating well! The town is also remarkably cheap to live in, which only offers more incentive to pick it as your home!


The final entry on our list of good picks for small towns when moving to Tennessee is Erwin. This particular town is located on the Appalachian Trail, within the Cherokee National Forest. This is another dream home of anyone who loves nature and being active. You will be able to take advantage of not just the beautiful forests and scenery of the Cherokee National Forest, but the Nolichucky River as well. You can take part in activities such as rafting, kayaking and fishing here! The town also has a very nice downtown area, with plenty of different shops, coffee shops, and various eateries.

Final comment

We hope that you’ve managed to find a place you’d like to make your home through our guide on moving to Tennessee: small towns to consider. And if you haven’t, then don’t worry! There’s plenty of other hidden gems that Tennessee is hiding. One of them will definitely appeal to you. 

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