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Staying safe from coronavirus while moving across the country

Top StoriesStaying safe from coronavirus while moving across the country

Moving is difficult on any day but now that there is a global pandemic, there are many more things to consider. Staying safe from coronavirus while moving across the country is possible if you follow instructions on how to behave during this situation.

First things first – Are moving services available?

Moving services are still available. Major moving companies are still working normally. Decisions about closing down businesses are probably left to owners of individual franchises. If you have already hired a moving company you should call them directly and enquire whether they have any protocols in place which help in staying safe from coronavirus.

Major storage companies are still working. However, it can be expected that accessibility hours will be limited and that the number of customers with access to their units at any given time will be reduced. If you are wondering whether you need to rent a storage unit during your move you can check here to get an idea.

While you should do all the things you would normally do, like a search for movers you can rely on, consider your relocation budget, sort your belongings and find a good home for your family, you must take the necessary precautions to ensure your family and you are safe from the COVID-19 virus.

Staying safe from coronavirus

There are standard instructions you need to follow to stay safe and they can apply to the situation where you are moving across the country. Your life shouldn’t stop and if you already have moving plans you should finish your arrangements. Moving across the country can expose you to situations where the risk of infection is increased so make sure that you follow all the relevant safety guidelines. In the time of a pandemic such as this, you must take proper care of your medical records during your move.

Use new moving boxes

Because of the lifespan of coronavirus on different surfaces, it’s preferable to buy new boxes and not use recycled or free boxes. Some studies have shown that the novel coronavirus can survive 24 hours on cardboard and much longer on plastic. Hence getting boxes from shops where someone infected might have coughed on them is not a great idea. You can use any boxes you already have in your house or garage but if you need more, buy them and try to do it online or using the self-checkout option.

Try paying and signing paperwork electronically

If you are, for example, leaving Florida and settling down in California and you need to sign papers with your moving company or pay them, you should try to do this electronically to minimize any kind of contact and potential risk of infection.

Social distancing will help you stay safe from coronavirus

In everyday life, we make contact with many people and various objects. Any one of these people or objects could be infected or transmit a virus so you need to be very careful. Try to maintain a safe distance from other people, over 6 feet is deemed safe. When moving, don’t get too close to the moving crew and when talking to someone take safety precautions such as wearing a face mask and glasses. Keeping your distance is one way of keeping yourself and others safe from contracting and spreading coronavirus.

A man and woman standing on the opposite sides of a sign showing the 2m minimum distance which needs to be kept between people.
Keeping your distance is one of the ways to stay safe from coronavirus.

Wear protecting gloves and a face mask

If you want to stay safe from coronavirus, wearing a face mask and gloves is a good idea. When you are moving across the country, you will probably have a lot of interaction with your movers and other people or you will come in contact with different surfaces. Using disposable gloves and face masks and asking your movers to do the same will help you stay safe from coronavirus and other potential viral infections.

Coronavirus and a woman with a mask.
When you are out of your home, always wear a face mask and protective glass.

Everything seems so overwhelming at the moment. There is the fear of coronavirus, fear of the unknown, fear of moving to a new city, but you can overcome it. Simply slow down and think everything through.

You should sanitize your belongings

If you want to stay safe from the spread of COVID-19 you should pack your belongings carefully and be sure to sanitize them properly.

Tips you should follow:

  • You should wrap your furniture in plastic that you can dispose of when you arrive at your new home.
  • Put your belongings in bags and boxes and seal them well. As with any plastic wrapping, you should dispose of bags and boxes when you arrive at your new home.
  • When packing and unpacking wear disposable protective gloves and face masks.
  • Before you bring anything into your new home you should scrub and sanitize your belongings.

Washing your hands is very important

Washing your hands is a crucial step in preventing the spread of COVID-19 during your everyday life. Whether you are moving with the help of a professional moving company such as City Movers or you are moving across the country by yourself, washing your hands properly is essential. Try not to touch your face or your mouth because this is the easiest way of contracting the virus.

A person washing hands.
You should wash your hands frequently.

Have honest communication with your movers

Because COVID-19 is a very transmittable disease, try to find out whether your movers or friends who are helping you have been in contact with someone who is sick or whether they are feeling any of the related symptoms. If you establish open and honest communication and ask the right questions you will make your move safer. The questions you should ask are:

  • Do you have any of the known symptoms?
  • Has anyone who you have been in contact with fallen ill recently?
  • Ask your moving company what their health and safety protocols are for moving during this coronavirus pandemic?

If someone you have been in contact with had COVID-19 symptoms you should tell your moving company. It is best to be open so the moving company can take additional precautionary steps to protect their employees during your move.

Keep yourself and other safe

You must understand that if you don’t feel well you can cancel your move. This is the right thing to do and movers will understand and make further arrangements with you. Remember that coronavirus is very contagious and that it is important to keep ourselves and others safe. If you are sick, stay at home! Also, if you belong toa high-risk category such as people over 60 or you have some respiratory or cardiovascular problems you should consider canceling your move even if you don’t feel sick.

You need to be smart about this and follow health and sanitation protocols even if staying safe from coronavirus is not your primary concern. This pandemic doesn’t mean that your life should stop or that you can’t move. But be smart, you’re wellbeing and that of others is the most important. Keep safe and stay healthy.

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